A Slow Start

Artist: Jekaterina Razina

Artist: Jekaterina Razina

My head this morning
filled with white noise
churning, burning, yearning.

Self care: I do yoga.
Open, close, stretch and hold –
In and out, follow the breath.

But still, my neck is tight,
corded, stiff. My shoulders
bunched, too close to my ears.

Self care: I do morning pages.
I scrawl, my pen tears up the pages:
I, you, we, no, want, what? Fuck you!

I tend to my family: meals made,
bag packed, hair done, beds made,
house tidied, washing done.

Self-care: I walk.
A magpie changes my direction
towards a way less travelled.

The sun warms my bare arms
my legs feel strong and sturdy.
Everything is different yet the same.

I pack the coffee in the pot
and while it bubbles, I write down
the words that came to me while I walked.

And I notice, all of a sudden:
the Silence.
And now, finally, my day can begin.


Some days have slower starts than others, yes? :)

What is your self care routine when things are all upside down and back to front?


7 thoughts on “A Slow Start

  1. This piece makes me long for my usual morning routine which, by coincidence, also involves morning pages, yoga, and a walk. But the summer’s chaotic charms have done a thorough job of keeping me from my happy rituals.

    Mostly, I find that what I crave is space – time to breathe and wander, moments of quiet solitude with no agenda. My days are a constant churn of tasks, appointments, deadlines, and duties. I do not feel unhappy so much as unmoored. I cherish the extra time with my daughter, but I do miss time with myself.

    Lovely poem, and the image is beautiful.


    • “Summer’s chaotic charms” :) Yes, beautifully said. I find that a similar thing happens to me in summer – at first gratefully, because it is good to let go of the routines of the rest of the year – and then grudgingly, because those routines were what kept us sane and anchored to ourselves :) I guess we need the beauty of both! And we writers – well, we just have an appetite for our own company that needs feeding every day – confounding those who are not wired like that. What can I say? It’s not up for debate :) Thank you for popping by Jamie.


    • Yes…:) I also find that poetry and meditation do it for me (as well as yoga and meditation). I think the most important thing is that we know what to do to bring us back to ourselves. I have a list of positive practices that I can use, and no matter how I bad I feel they always work.


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