A day of Butter and Honey

I feel old and cold today. It is the first day of my period and the day before the Cancer dark moon in mid-winter. Yes well, when you put it that way…

All I have done today is float aimlessly from one task to another, thinking about other things I could be doing rather than what I actually am doing. Easily distracted, unsettled and sleepy; this day has eternity written all over it.

Every time I walk past a bed, I want to get in it. I try to talk the Fairy Queen into having a daytime nap with me, but she looks at me like I have become unhinged; I don’t sleep in the day she tells me haughtily.

It is strangely still outside, the sky filled with clouds the same colour as the big Blue Gum in the paddock adjacent to our yard; the butterfly leaves of the Bauhinia Tree lay listlessly against the sky.

I only want to eat food made with butter or honey, preferably both. Maybe today would be a good day to mention the sweet things in my life 🙂

  • From where I am sitting (in my lounge-room), I can see my son playing in the school yard on his lunch break. This is very reassuring, even though he is in his 4th year of school 🙂
  • Crumpets with butter and honey are a triple treat with a cup of tea.
  • I am reminded of the yoga class I did yesterday by my sore butt, groin and shoulder muscles. This is good, I keep telling myself.
  • When the Soccer Star woke up with a sore throat on the first day back at school, the Bear offered to stay home and look after him so I could still go to yoga. Pause. For applause. I had already arranged for the Fairy Queen to be looked after by her Pop (my step-father), so it was a double man effort bonanza that day.
  • Speaking of awesome men, my old friend Harry, Godfather to our children and beloved member of our family, delivered a new printer/scanner/copier to our door the other day to replace the one that had broken. Unasked for. Just because he could.
  • Due to a little burst of inspiration and a fertile period, the Bear and I have planted out our vegie garden, which has lain mostly fallow for 12 months. In two planting sessions we have planted snow peas, celery, leeks, onions, spring onions, carrots and kale. These will all go nicely with the garlic, asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower that were already there. Sometimes the Bear and I garden well together; most often we don’t. Last time were were in the garden, we worked well together. We peacefully went about our allotted tasks, separately but together.
Early morning sun hitting our vegetable garden, with all its hidden and visible glories.
Our winter vegetable garden bordered on the left by our ridiculously abundant mandarin tree
  • I finally found my gumboot I had been looking for down beside the house under a tree where it was stashed by our errant puppy.
  • I have a pile of books to read, and I am excited about all of them:
    1. I’m nearly halfway through Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series – an epic 4 book romp through 18th Century Scotland.
    2. Don Quixote – I’ve wanted to read this for ages. I bought it last week from a second-hand book store in Bellingen.
    3. A book by Isabel Allende that I haven’t read yet – The Infinite Plan – bought in the same shop as Don Quixote.
    4. I have ordered a book called Field Notes on the Compassionate Life: A Search for the Soul of Human Kindness by Marc Barasch. I reblogged a post about it here.
  • I don’t have to cook dinner tonight – I just rang the Bear and asked him to bring home something. It’s such a rare event that I don’t cook, he was excited to be bringing home junk food from the supermarket freezer 🙂
  • I have to go to a P&C meeting today, in 30 minutes to be exact (I’m the secretary). Well, it’s only across the road, all my projects are completed or put aside so all I have to do is sit there and listen. Lucky, because it’s just about all I can cope with today 🙂

I just counted, and I have a list of ten sweet things on this day of butter and honey. Not bad huh. Now maybe I can duck into one of those beds I’ve been eyeing and have a sneaky nap…


  1. You just perfectly described my yesterday – old, cold, periody, in need of butter and sweetness (mine were almost-offensively-buttery spiced apple pancakes) and I spent most of the day in a hibernation-like doze (for which I am very grateful). Are we Taureans going to get perky anytime soon?


  2. You ARE surrounded by awesome men, AND you had a great day, even if you didn’t necessarily tackle a To Do list…I think your day sounded lovely. And now, I want butter and honey too…


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