Walking my way to peace

Unknown Artist posted by True Activist (facebook)

I went for a long walk today.

I had dedicated the morning to the course I’m studying and had unaccountably come to a stop, unable to find the information I needed to start the assignment.

My children were away and my time was my own. What to do?

So I went for a walk. At some point I decided I wanted to see the river, so I walked further than I would normally walk.

I walked along the gravel road, past dusty grassy verges. I said hello to horses, cows, dogs and various little birds that love to make their home in in the tangled weeds along the road.

As I walked, the peculiar light of winter shone upon me and within me, both dazzling and gentle. I swung my arms high and felt the muscles of my back and hips loosen. The soles of my shoes slipped a little on the tiny road stones. I felt strong and free.

I found a new spot from which to look upon the river. The ground was pock-marked from cattle hooves and damply green. I sat on a particularly luscious perch:

It looked so good, I didn’t mind my damp behind.

And surveyed one of my favourite places. In summer it is a noisy, splashing riot, with the neighbourhood’s children cooling down after a hot summer’s day. In the winter, it is cool, calm and slightly reserved. I love it any way it comes.

View from my perch.

I sat here for some time. Don’t ask me what I thought –  lots of nothing really.

On my way home I felt newly connected, more aware. I could feel my body’s energy flow buzzing and tingling in my feet and hands, which I only notice when I am present.

I was struck by the beauty of this gum tree against the winter blue of the sky.

And also struck by my new desire to take pictures while walking 🙂 I am absurdly pleased with myself and at the same time know that I am a complete idiot and quite possibly a narcissist as well.

Just up the road is the big hill that I have a love/hate relationship with. I hate it because it’s so long and steep, and it hurts me. I love it because when I have reached the top, I feel so damn good, all flushed with oxygenated blood and endorphins, I could skip the rest of the way home. It helps that the rest of the way is down hill 🙂

The Big Dipper

How’s the beautiful half moon?

What place in nature do you go to recharge?


  1. Wish I could see the scenery in person but since I can’t, I’ll live vicariously through your beautiful photos. 🙂 I like walking in forests too, all surrounded by trees and foliage. It’s as if the trees themselves emanate some sort of peaceful aura that gets passed to me. Nature has that kind of mystical power.


  2. i have tried to teach my children that if they can always find beauty in nature, whether its the night sky, a flower, a walk on a deserted country road, that the strength they’ll find in that moment where they stand still and take it in, may not solve what’s troubling them but it will give them some peace and something to hold on to. Sometimes, i find i need to take my own advice! lovely post and beautiful photos.


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