Images Spring to Mind

Spring is such a temperamental bitch don’t you think? She isn’t kind mostly, not where I come from, and certainly not by nature. But she is very attractive which helps.

Pomegranate blossom ripe with potential. Will we get a pomegranate this year?
Native Australian Frangipani flowers in our garden which look nothing like frangipanis, but are nonetheless very beautiful.
Wild yellow roses which are growing in wild profusion behind the cottage. Should I show you a picture?
Yes, I will :). Roses growing with wild abandon, high on the vibes of spring

This time last week it was 37°C, I was floating in the crystal clear ocean and getting burnt to a crisp. Today? 15°C, snow on the mountains and blowing a gale. Unpredictable. Impossible.

But cute:

Noisy Miner chicks with their mum, waiting for the confidence to fly. Oh, enchantment!

And this:

We like those babies. Very much 🙂

But these babies?


Not so much.

Well, we do like them. A lot.

But when you have puppies, you have trouble. One of those cute puppies developed a liking for our ducks and chickens. He killed 8 ducks in 2 weeks, and couldn’t be persuaded to stop. Luckily we found him a good home with no poultry.

Now their mum, Bodhi, is on heat again, so we have had to lock her up. Poor Bodhi.

So, Spring. Fecundity, fertility, fanciful, ferocious, fickle and flighty.

There has to be a poem in there.

Or here.


  1. Love all the pictures, especially the one with the cute ducklings! At first I was confused as to why you would mention spring until I realized you’re in Australia, where the seasons are flipped from where I am! Glad we have blogs to keep things in perspective. 😉


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