Day 1…

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured. ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

I woke early this morning, knowing I had quite a lot to do, but happy about starting my 40 days of yoga. I decided early on when I was planning how I was going to do this whole process, that I would designate a time of day to yoga – that way if I was busy (like today) that I would know in my head where it was fitting in, and if it was a quiet day it wouldn’t get lost in procrastination, chores and social media :).

At home, I mostly like to do yoga between 2 and 4 in the afternoon. In the morning I can do all my work and chores, play with and feed my children – and then when I feel that I have satisfied my obligations, I can happily dedicate some time to myself. Any later than that it gets into crazy time – dinner, bath and bed – and by then, I really am too tired to be bothered.

So, today, I knew I was out all morning, home for a few hours before going out again for a friend’s 40th – which left me that lovely little gap in the afternoon at my perfect time.

That’s what I am thinking as I am lying in bed – when I realise that my back is a bit sore. Actually, it’s more than a bit sore, it’s really quite uncomfortable – so uncomfortable that I can’t lie in bed any longer, and have to get up. Yah, my sacrum feels like it’s broken, my hips are sore – and hang on – I’ve got my period. Yep, first day of 40 days of yoga; first day of my period.

Hey look, no big deal. That busy morning wasn’t as fun as it could have been, in fact I was damn tired when I dragged 50 bags of shopping into the kitchen after visiting nearly every shop in town and taking the Fairy Princess to swimming lessons…but I knew I had my time coming up.

I found this lovely little asana sequence devised especially for menstruation, and spent one wonderful hour basically just lying around.

By the time I had finished, my back and whole pelvic region felt spacious. My hips and sacrum felt like they had been re-positioned, in the best possible way. And I didn’t feel tired anymore.

Why don’t I do this more often?

Well. Who knows?

But it’s 40 days of yoga, baby, and for that 40 days, I’m going to be doing what is good for me.

And maybe some things that aren’t so good for me like a 40th birthday and a few ciders:). But I reckon that will be good for me on a different level, right?

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  1. Good for you Sara! Day 1, down!! Since I am 12 hours behind you, I am just getting up! We are on vacation and my plan is to find a drop-in class today to kick-start my 40 days…;).


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