Day 2…

Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place. ~ Eckhart Tolle

Day two of 40 days of yoga was a lazy, hazy Sunday.

The Soccer star had a friend over to play for the day.

There was water to be pumped from the river, and the lawn to be mowed (the Bear’s jobs).

There was washing to be done, the bathroom to be cleaned, emails to respond to and meals to cook (my jobs).

And yoga.

I could still feel the effect of yesterday’s yoga practice. I seldom take the time to spend 5 or more minutes in a position; I probably sacrifice quality for quantity in my yoga practice. In the sequence that I was doing yesterday, 5 minutes was the least amount of time spent in any of the postures. It was a wonderful feeling to know that it was ok to really sink into the postures, to feel my bones and ligaments settling and grounding, and my muscles lengthening, stretching, lengthening, stretching, without expectation. There comes that point after a minute or so, when I want to finish a pose, get out of it, I’m sick of it, uncomfortable, whatever. In this kind of practice, you have to move past this – and when you do, it’s like a door opens up inside. Stepping through, there is a whole new world. Awesome!

The pose begins when you want to leave it.

My yoga room is in one of the rooms in  the ‘cottage’, a tiny little self-contained dwelling on our 1 acre block, seperate from the main house. The other room is the kid’s playroom with toys and the all important electronic gaming device (wii). If I hadn’t made this committment of 40 days of yoga, I would have given yoga a miss rather than interrupt the boys’ play. But, becuase I had made the commitment, I told them that I wanted to use the cottage for 1 hour between 3 and 4, and that they would have to vacate it. I felt a little weird about asserting my rights in such a way, but the boys were fine about it. They just did something else!

So there you have it, day 2 and all is well 🙂

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  1. The pose begins when you want to leave it; so true!! I am still sore this morning from my class yesterday, and I am planning a home practice session today (even though technically I am not at home)! I will try looking for something to follow on YouTube. My other girlfriend also shared some yoga links with me, so I have no excuses not to squeeze an hour into my Sunday! Wish me luck!


    • Good luck Rufina – and isn’t the internet an amazing source for yoga? I hadn’t really thought about it until a couple of months ago when i was looking for a particular yoga sequence online. have a wonderful Sunday, and enjoy your yoga!


    • How awesome! I can’t wait to see the results for the both of you. I’ve upped the number of sun salutations I do in my morning in solidarity! 😉 I love sun salutations because I sleep with horrible posture, so this stretches my spine in all directions.

      Also love that quote ~ the pose beings when you want to leave it!


  2. After reading your first post on this I didn’t plan to join in with the daily yoga….but strangely enough it has just happened. Only three days in a row but that’s a first for me and it just kind of happened that way. I asked my boys to play in their bedroom this morning and began my day with 40 mins of Yoga….It’s funny how I normally would find all the excuses in the world not to do it. And perhaps all i need to do is ask! Thanks for the inspiration and wishing you luck in the rest of your 40 day journey.


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