Day 3…

Day 3 of 40 days of yoga.

An easy, breezy Monday. The Bear and the Soccer Star have gone off to work and school respectively, leaving the Fairy Queen and I home alone.

“Just the girls”,  the Fairy Queen says with glee.

It’s hot. I am just wearing a tie dyed slip, and I am sweating. At midday it is 34°C and very humid.

We bake, read stories and play charades. We fill bird baths and wash our feet in the big copper bowl in front of the Buddha statue.

I keep an eye on the cricket, check my messages, pay bills and talk on the phone. I vacuum, make beds, hang out washing, look at the big pile of unfolded washing on my bed and think to myself that I will do that this afternoon.

I don’t. I do yoga instead :).

The Fairy Queen flits in and out. I can hear her playing in the next room. She comes in and draws with my pencils. She catches rainbows on her legs, calls them her pets and names them. When she gets too noisy in her game I remind her that in my yoga room she must be quiet. She takes my bolster and disappears.

It’s good doing the same practice for three days in a row. I can see what the Ashtanga crew talk about. Sort of :). It’s reassuring – It cuts the thinking out. I have my period, I do this practice. This practice consists of this posture, followed by this one, then that one.When I lay out in savasana at the end, I sink deep into meditation almost immediately.

The Fairy Queen comes in and asks me if she can put crystals on me :). I could look a long time and not find a sweeter child than this one.

It’s funny, but now that I have made a commitment to do yoga every day, I am less precious about my yoga time. When doing yoga was me-time carved out of a day dedicated to everyone else, I was vicious like a guard dog. No, you are not allowed to come into my room; No, do not talk to me, do not ask me anything – leave me be, this is my time!

I still have definite boundaries, but I am more relaxed within them. No, this is not perfect. No, I am not an Indian holy woman living in a cave. I am a householder building a practice within and around my life, and that is perfect for me. If my practice gets interrupted or does not flow as I think it should – so what?

There’s always tomorrow.

You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.  – Mr Yoga

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