Day 12 – there’s a goanna in my yoga room!

Day 12 of 40 days of yoga

I had just finished yoga for the day and was having something to eat and a cup of tea, when the Soccer Star and his friend rushed and shouted Mum! There’s a goanna in your yoga room! What? There’s a goanna in your yoga room, and it’s big, about 1 metre long! Have you told your father? Yes, he’s over there right now, trying to get it out! 

Common Goanna or Lace Monitor (Varanus varius)...
Yep, that’s what a goanna looks like!(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can I just say, that in addition to all the benefits of living in Australia, in a beautiful rural area like we do, there are a couple of downfalls. Insects (so many insects!), ticks, rats and mice, spiders (there are heaps of funnel-web spider holes in the backyard at the moment), snakes (we had a black snake and a brown snake visit us a couple of weeks ago), and now a bloody goanna has made its home in my yoga room. And to make matters worse, the Bear said it had probably been in there the whole time I was doing yoga, curled up behind the book case. Ack!

I am many things, but I am not an indigo-child wildlife warrior. I put up with all the animals, but love them I do not.

We had a nicer visitor the night before, a friend bearing gifts of music and flowers to thank us for being there for him during a difficult time. I wanted to tell him that he didn’t need to thank us or bring us gifts, because being his friend is reward enough in itself. Those words didn’t come to me at the time, so I just hugged him and said thank you.

That gesture of gratitude stayed with me today, and I kept gravitating towards it, like a warm fire on a cold night.

Why don’t I put some music on from that gift while you read about the Pitta dosha, and how to balance that element in your yoga practice?

The qualities of Pitta are oily, sharp, hot, light, fleshy-smelling, spreading, liquid. These qualities can manifest themselves in the following ways:

Oily: Softness of skin and hair; in excess can lead to oily skin, acne or a ‘slipperiness’ of character.

Sharp: A sharp, bright intellect; in excess can manifest as a sharp tongue.

Hotness: Warm complexion, body, metabolism, appetite; in excess can manifest as ulcers, heartburn or a hot temper.

Light: Slender body; in excess can manifest as a feeling of light-headedness if a meal is missed.

Fleshy-smelling: Strong body odours.

Spreading: This quality can manifest as a tendency to spread your name around the place – and it can also manifest  as a spreading rash!

Liquid: Excess body fluids – sweat, stomach acid etc.

If you have a dominant pitta dosha, your yoga practice is a wonderful tool to bring about balance:

  • Cultivate calm, and resist your urge to be competitive in the yoga class/room.
  • Be gentle and patient with yourself.
  • Avoid poses that create heat and sweating, especially in the summer.
  • Practice yoga at cooler times of the day – in the early morning and evening is ideal.
  • Practice chest-opening poses such as the pigeon, camel, cobra, bow, fish and bridge.
  • Keep your gaze level.
Backbend sequence
Backbend sequence

If you would like to know more, go here. It’s a wonderful website with heaps of information on all things yoga and Ayurveda.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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    • I know, right. A goanna! It could have been worse I suppose – we’ve had a snake in there before. I’m glad you like the music, it’s fun to put music into a blog I think 🙂


    • We have a dog who has a pathological hatred of goannas – maybe she chased the goanna into the cottage in the first place, instead of up a tree which is where the goanna would normally go. I hope your back is feeling better soon – yoga is good for that too. Do you use props?


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