Day 13 – a light supper

Day 13 of 40 days of yoga.

A big, busy day of Christmas shopping with the Bear.

A one hour drive there, a one  hour drive back.

The Bear is there semi-willingly (cash and support), but hates shopping of any description, especially that of the busy festive variety. He wants to be good tempered and enjoy the rare day out together with no kids, but can’t quite manage it (sigh).

We arrive back home at dinner time, I quickly feed the kids and head over to the yoga room, which the Bear tells me is sans goanna. It takes half an hour to repair my room after the goanna used my medicine wheel as a spring mat to get to the window sill, knocking over candles and scattering crystals everywhere.

I didn’t mind, it all needed re-doing and renewing anyway. While I was tidying, I was thinking to myself how before this 40 days of yoga started (only 2 weeks ago!), there is no way I would have even considered doing yoga (or anything for that matter) after a long, tiring day. I would have done what needed to be done and then flaked with a book or watched tv. After only 13 days, my mind doesn’t argue or offer alternatives, it just follows behind me, obediently, like a well trained dog. I wonder how long that will last for.

There were a couple of things that made me laugh today:

A conversation in the car: the Fairy Queen says Mum, you should teach yoga! (she is a born teacher and instructs everything, even the plants and the pool toys). Me: No, I don’t think so, I just like to do yoga, not to teach it. The Soccer Star pipes up: You couldn’t anyway, you’re not good enough at yoga! Me, eyebrows raised: that’s true; but also I don’t really like to teach people things, it kind of sucks the joy out of what I like doing if I have to teach other people how to do it (obviously I am not someone who is a born teacher).

Later, as I am walking over to do yoga, I have to walk past the Bear’s hangout (his shed), where Nirvana is being blasted at ear splitting levels. He is grinning and happy. Is that too loud for you? he asks, seeing me wince. A bitI’m trying to wind down I say. So am I!!! he says, happily head banging away. So that is how a pitta type winds down 🙂

I could hear the kids and the Bear laughing in the back yard, playing cricket after dinner.

Very peaceful.

I put some music on:

…and settled into my practice.

Imagine our beautiful wave.

She now recognizes that she is water,
and knowing that she is water she is no longer afraid of
beginning, ending, coming up, going down.

She enjoys every moment.

She doesn’t have to go and look for water; she is water.
Our true nature is the nature of no birth and no death, no being and no non-being

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ♥

 Wave photo



  1. I am sitting at the Chicago airport while reading this, and I am smiling. I plugged in my earbuds to listen to your music clip, and after finishing, I took them out to realize I had played it out loud for all of my gate neighbors to hear…maybe it brought a little zen into their world for just a few minutes.

    My “home” practice this week was from a hotel room setting, but I managed to squeeze it in nonetheless very early in the morning, and quite proud of myself for doing so!…:)

    Congratulations on completing some Christmas shopping before the real mad rush of last minute shoppers. Living in a small town, I know what it’s like to drive hours to get to any decent shopping so I really relate!

    You know what tomorrow is?? TWO WEEKS of 40 days of yoga. Congrats on living your yoga! 😉


    • I am sitting in my lounge room reading this, and I am smiling back 🙂 2 weeks! I am sure Gurrumul (the Australian Aboriginal artist you and the Chicago airport were listening to) would be happy to know that he was being shared like that :). Good on you for being out of your routine and still practicing yoga! xxx Sara


  2. Hey Sara,

    I loved reading how you don;t even think about practicing anymore… you just do, no matter what. That’s the magic of the Forty Days and your commitment right there.

    Me, I’m working on a self-imposed deadline today (4pm, it’s 2:25pm) to finish a review of the book and get it off to another of my editors. I know I need to stop and practice and I don’t want to. I want to finish the book. Ironic isn’t it? But I stopped, and read your post, and now I’m about to practice. Meditation, pranayama I think. Maybe some floor asana too. We’ll see what happens. If I don’t make my 4pm deadline… I’ll do some more work tonight when my son goes to bed instead.


    I love practicing in airports. No-where to go, nothing to do but wait… it’s the perfect time. I usually find a wall to sit against and go though some gentle seated floor asana. Nice long holds… some breath work… even meditation. Love it!


    • Hey Kara-Leah, how did the deadline go?
      I cannot believe the power of the commitment. It’s like…after I made the commitment, it’s taken on a life of its own. This is how it is, this is what I am doing every day, and that is that. Right time, right book 🙂


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