Days 17 and 18 – the thing I like about yoga.

Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere; sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore. – Stefan Zewig

Days 17 and 18 of 40 days of yoga.

I think I must be entering into the obsession phase of my 40 days of yoga. I find myself daydreaming about yoga, I wonder if I can fit in two sessions per day, I see images of asanas reflected in clouds and tea leaves and soap bubbles.

I feel good, you see. I feel strong, vital and satisfied. Today, during my sun salutations (I did 12 rounds to honour the 12.12.12 date), I felt graceful and fit. There is no struggle, no effort to get on the mat; I just do it.

People, get this: we are less than 2 weeks away from Christmas, and I am not even stressed. I haven’t planned anything for Christmas Day yet, but I’m not worried – something will sort itself out. If something needs doing, I do it. If I can’t do it, I don’t feel bad.  Ever since I wrote that list of important things in my life, my priorities have been crystal clear. I attend to the important things first, and the rest gets attended to when and if I can – not the other way around!

One of my skills is what I call cut through – as in cut through all the bullshit. I can see through to the heart of a situation/person/concept and identify the most important issue or theme – and then communicate that succinctly. The idea, of course, is to apply that to my own life as well as what is around me – and yoga helps me to do that.

You know what I really like about yoga? The broadness of it, the scope. I like broad things – I like Homeopathy because it treats (balances) on all levels – physical, mental, emotional. I like yoga because it is medicine for the spirit as well as the body. Feeling stressed and anxious? Yoga. Feeling tired and worn out? Yoga. Sore neck and shoulders? Yoga. Want to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility…that’s right, you guessed it. Yoga. And you can do it anywhere, any time.

Maybe I am a control freak, but I love the idea that I have the tools to heal myself right here, right now. If I pay attention – and yoga is about nothing else than paying attention – then I can address things that come up before they get stuck in the body and cause sickness somewhere. Of course, there is the process of clearing all of the of the debris that has accumulated over the years of not paying attention. That can be painful. Kara-Leah Grant, who wrote 40 days of yoga says that she wept every time she got on the mat to do yoga. All of that repressed pain and trauma has to go somewhere – and our bodies store it all up. So at first, a yoga practice can be uncomfortable and confronting. Our bodies are protesting and so are our minds. But there is a little voice that says Keep on! I am ready to let go. Stay with it!

And so you do.

And that is where 40 Days of Yoga is gold. Because that first 40 days are not necessarily going to be easy. You will get benefits for sure – but you will be paying attention to yourself and your world – proper attention – and you might not like what you see. That’s ok, now you know, right? And once you know, you can do something about it. You have the power! That’s right, you have the power to transform yourself and your life into something meaningful and joyful. How wonderful!

If you commit to 40 days of yoga, you are saying to yourself (and the world!) I am committed to myself and my practice. Sometimes it will be hard, and sometimes it will be joyful, and sometimes it will be mediocre and dull. None of that matters, because every day I will do yoga, no matter what.

Can I share with you a Tosha Silver Change Me prayer that I have been working with over the past few weeks?

Divine Beloved,

Change me into someone who can give with complete ease and abundance

Knowing you are the unlimited source of all

Let me be an easy, open conduit for your prosperity

Let me trust that all of my own needs are always met in amazing ways

And it is safe to give freely as my heart guides me

And equally, change me into someone who can feel wildly open to receiving

Let me know my own value and beauty

Let me allow others the pleasure of giving to me

Let me feel worthy to receive in every possible way

I am You

You are Me

We are One.

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  1. One of the most beautiful blog posts I have ever read; even quite possibly, THE most beautiful blog post I have ever read. Rings out with its truth and honesty. And puts so eloquently into words what we all feel doing yoga. Wonderful Change Me prayer; I will write that one out for myself. Thanks for sharing it!


  2. Hey that’s great, through yoga you’re getting in tune with the body, mind, spirit. I took a few classes and felt amazing, should really get back into it. Thanks for an inspirational post!


  3. Oh I love how you keep talking about the difference this practice is making in your life… that’s what I like to see! Hopefully it inspires lots more people to join in the home yoga practice evolution…


  4. This is a wonderful piece Sara. Congratulations on sticking with this to nearly the halfway point, and finding so much peace, vitality, strength, and fulfillment in the journey. It is what I have missed most from yoga, and what I need to get back to. I will need to just get myself back on my mat, and work around the knee for a while… That’s hard with so many poses, and especially when my body just thinks it can do what it wants. It is so fun to read about this amazing experience you are having.



    • You should go online, there is so much information out there about yoga after knee surgery! From what I’ve read, avoid any lotus or thunderbolt or vajrasana poses, do poses to stretch and strengthen the hamstrings and hips which both support the knee, only do a 45 degree angle with the knee and maximum 90 degree as well as standing poses to strengthen. I am glad you’re enjoying this yoga process with me 🙂


      • I will look… I am at the precipice of getting back to it. I always stand and look at it (whatever it is) for a long while before I jump. But I will in fact jump. Thanks for the encouragement, advise and inspiration!


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