Days 26 and 27…a mixed bag

Days 26 and 27 of 40 days of yoga.

Day 26 was the last day of school for the Soccer Star – and the last day of us being a one car family (woot woot!). That morning we were still a one car family though, so we piled into the car at silly o’clock and the Bear dropped us off at my parent’s house, where it was easier to get to the fun and water park later on that morning.

I snuck in a quick yoga practice in between making salads to take and getting the kids ready. Thank goodness for my 40 day commitment – it’s the busy days where I would not normally make the time for yoga (left to my own devices) that I actually benefit from it the most. I am calmer, more grounded and level-headed.

The Fairy Queen spent five solid hours in the water – she has recently learned how to swim, and her whole world and her confidence in it, has expanded. The Soccer Star alternated between the outdoor chess set and the pool – and I settled comfortably in a deck chair beside the pool, moving only to dive in the pool when I became too hot :).

We had visitors for dinner that night, and a sleep over too.

Now, get ready for a bit of a whinge – day 27 was a real mixed bag. The kids received some early Christmas presents from a good friend (an mp3 player and a kindle for the Fairy Queen and the Soccer Star respectively), neither of which I could get to do what I wanted them to.

I didn’t get the job ūüė¶ because they wanted to split the 20 hour position over 4 days with 4 hours at home, and it wasn’t feasible for me to do that. The woman who interviewed me said that I was an exceptional candidate, and they would love to employ me in some other capacity in the new year, which was heartening. Strangely, I didn’t feel disappointed. I knew I had impressed them in the interview, and I know I have the capacity to do that job or a job like it. It feels like it was one more step in the process, and that I have actually¬†gained confidence throughout it all.

What else happened? Oh yes, when we were down at the river, the Soccer Star’s friend was stung on the foot by some critter which gave me a hundred heart attacks. It’s a big responsibility having another person’s child in your care. Then later on that afternoon he started feeling unwell with a headache and a belly ache, and wanted to go home, so I rang his mother and she came and picked him up :(. He’s ok, I rang them this morning, but what a bummer!

And before I stop my whinge Р I have conjunctivitis from the pool the day before. Pooh.

As you can imagine, my yoga practice was something to look forward to. In fact, I just lay in the pose of the child to begin with to let the frustrations, anxiety and tension drain from my body. Because I felt a bit jittery and un-grounded, I did a slow, considered practice, nothing too challenging, and then a long savasana at the end.

When I came back to the house, there was an email from the mp3 player company telling me what to do to fix the fault – and it worked straight away :). The Soccer Star’s kindle is not able to download the series that ¬†he wanted, but I can just buy him the paper books. I made three¬†Christmas¬†cakes, and our¬†Christmas¬†ham was delivered.


I am a little behind in writing this, so today is the 21.12.12. I am not going to add my opinions to the plethora of writings upon this subject so I will just say this:

mayan calendar joke

and whatever your day is like today…

be your beautiful self

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