It’s a little warm here…

It’s been a hot summer. A dry one too.

Yesterday was pretty warm – it got to just under 40°C (about 100°F) – and it was supposed to get much hotter today.

My parents rang me early this morning and invited us to come over to their place – swim in the pool, sit in the air-conditioning and go to the movies.

Er…ok :).

We thought we might go to see Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler – an all round three generation pleaser. It was a corny American comedy – and it was really all I was up for :).

The Bear didn’t want to be pleased by such a movie, and elected to stay home alone – someone has to be here. Why? In case something happens to the house. Well, something could happen to the house any day. Not today.

Cue eye rolling and impolite internal dialogue.

He rang me later, at about 4pm. Apparently it had dropped 10 degrees in the last hour to a balmy 37°C. Gawd. 

How did you keep cool? I asked. I filled a bath with cold water and lay in it reading my book.

Fair enough.

I am not a poet, but occasionally I get inspired by the weather or seasons to write some poetry. This is what I wrote today:

Drip, slipping, puddle
This heat’s got my 
mind in a muddle
Damp, sticky, sweating
Don’t touch or come near
and definitely no petting!
White hot burning glare
There’s no mercy
Nor respite out there
Toss, turn, sigh – same, same
Fan whirring – is it dawn?
Lord, it’s hot again.
Escape, withdraw, hide – 
we need a circuit breaker.
Is that a storm building outside?
Brewing, stewing, baking
Heat and light are fading;
We stretch tight with waiting.
Plink, splatter, clatter…
No, the storm moves around
and hopes of coolness shatter.

Maybe we will get a storm tomorrow.


  1. We’ve been reading about the heat there and the wild fires… yowza! We never see temps like that where I live. It is a wet, green and lush place… year round. In summer, I wish for a little more of the heat, but the rest of the year, it suits me well. With your magical swimming hole, seems there’s always a place to get away from the heat! 🙂


    • We are normally a place of mild winters and hot summers, with lots of rain. But occasionally, like this year, we get a dry winter, a hot spring and summer, and no rain, which totally sucks! It is not doing much for my beautiful swimming hole either :(. It is mostly a lush, green place, although it is looking a bit worse for the wear after these past few months.


  2. Yes! When I wrote the guest post for Zully, my big sister advice to her was to “Invest in your bliss”! Exactly that, as you’ve described it here. Create your Nirvana on earth, as close as you can get 🙂


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