A day of rest.

Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.
Mary Jean Irion

By one of those unexplained and unexpected miracles, both children were in the care of other people – and the Bear left for work before 6 a.m. This left me with the whole morning to myself, and this song in my head:

It doesn’t matter how often I listen to this song, it makes me want to weep with hope, love, sadness and relief.

So, I declared a day of rest.

Today, I would only do things that I wanted to do  – except for a half an hour of house tidying and washing, and I was going to enjoy that too :).

So, what did I do on my day of rest?

  • Read my favourite blogs (check out Posts I Like), played scrabble with a friend in America and mucked around on facebook.
  • Made myself poached free range eggs on rye toast and a delicious local coffee for breakfast.
  • A spot of house tidying, washing,sweeping, bird bath filling and bed making.
  • Sank into the Masterchef vortex –  I love it, it’s one of the only shows I like on television, don’t ask me why (I also like Offspring and Doc Martin.) It drives the Bear crazy and I can’t stand the ads, so I record it  and watch it the next day in peace. It felt so decadent to lie down on the couch and watch tv during the day. I kept springing up in the ads to go and check something or do some other thing until I told myself to just sit down and enjoy it. Just to add to the enjoyment, I ate some chocolate and licorice :).
  • Played in the cottage – I had bought new bed linen yesterday, so when they were dry, I made up the bed for the first time. It looked beautiful. I have bought my entire music collection over (on an old rattly computer) and set it up with some speakers my parents gave to me years ago. It’s awesome :). The device that I have ordered that enables me to get internet over at the cottage came yesterday – but as I sat down to try to figure out how it works, I quickly became aware that it was way too technically advanced for a novice like me. A friend said he will come and set it up for me on the weekend after next, which is wonderful. I trust that the timing is divine :). Hey, I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures.
My new yoga space
My new yoga space
the sleeping half of my new space.
the sleeping half of my new space.
  • Did my daily yoga practice while listening to African music overlaid with the rumbling of thunder in the distance and watching the rainbow-dyed cheese cloth framing the window billow in the breeze.
  • The Fairy Queen arrived home with Harry her Godfather. He stayed for a cuppa and a chat.
  • The Soccer Star and the Bear arrived home from play and work.
  • Make dinner – home made chicken schnitzel and a salad while watching big, fat drops of rain fall out of the cloud blessed sky.
  • Write this blog.
  • The boys were watching cricket, so the Fairy Queen and I spent the night over at the cottage – she in her bed, and me in mine :).

Could this day get any more perfect? I just don’t know how it can :).

One last thing – these are my stars for today as written by Mystic Medusa: Having your ruler Venus close to Huntress Diana amps your demands for dignity & independence in relationships. You’re getting that freedom is an undervalued asset. Plus anticipate fab $$$ stars to ensure that you’re not only free (even if in love) but cashed up. Work your money mojo. Nobody fences you in.

Ha! Need I say more?


  1. I love the sound of your day. Mine is one out of routine too, we are moving house! Started off the day with a coffee at a beautiful cafe with my partner – a rare opportunity, thanks to my parents having our boys for the day. Now it is time for the hard work to begin! Pleased to see your yoga space, I’ll be creating a new one very soon so it’s great to take a sticky beak at another person’s space. x


    • Hey Gill; moving house huh? That’s a big change :). I love to start the day with a good coffee in a beautiful cafe – I would do it every morning if I could (it’s probably lucky i can’t). Have a good day. x


  2. This whole post is emanating a huge aura of peace and bliss. I love it. We’re always so busy running around and getting distracted by stuff that it feels so good when we just take a day ‘off’ and indulge in things we don’t normally do.


  3. Love the quote and the fact that you took the whole day off to do whatever you wanted! We are so busy these days it’s nice to take a time out and relax- not feel pressured to do anything. Im digging your yoga space too!


    • Hey, thanks Leslie. It has always been important to me to factor in a day of rest – especially at this time of year at the end of the school holidays – when I am feeling like I need a holiday to get over my holiday!


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