The tale of two houses.

It’s been nearly two weeks since I have written here – what on earth is going on, woman? Where you been?

Well, now that I have two houses to clean, I have no time to write…

Just joking :).

True, I do have two houses now – well, I have done for a long time, but I have only just recently been making proper use of them. In fact, I am sitting here, in my cottage, on a cool-ish, misty morning, writing this, and smiling because it’s just so awesome.

Like everything in this speckled egg we call life, things never quite turn out the way we think they should. Thank goodness. Imagine the pathetic, predictable world we would be creating for ourselves if life just followed our own narrow desires and thoughts.

Act without expectation - Lao Tzu

When I wrote this post many of you said that you had often felt the same way, and were curious as to how we would go with it. So 3 weeks later, here is the update…

Really, I had no clear idea of how it was going to work; all I knew was that I had to create a beautiful space for myself that was just mine. If I had stopped to think of how it was going to work, I wouldn’t have done it, just like all the other times when I had tried to nut out the logistics with my brain of living in two houses with small children. Sometimes we just have go with the pull and have faith that the hows will work themselves out, right?

Slowly but surely, I moved over my crystals, my bedside table, lamps, my computer with all of my music on it, hung art on the walls and strung prayer flags and tie dyed cheese cloth for window coverings. A friend gave me a bamboo blind, a fan, clothes rack, a tea-light candle holder – and treasure of all treasures – a stick full of music. Check this out from an artist called Deb Talan:

The Fairy Queen comes with me when I sleep over here – wherever I sleep she sleeps :). The soccer star prefers to stay in his own bedroom thanks very much, although he comes over early in the morning because he’s an early riser just like me. My wisdom told me very clearly that I was not to rush this process (picture a charging bull belting across a paddock and you will get a sense of my subtlety), and that I was to hold an open heart. Remember why you are doing this, said the voice in my heart. This is all about expansion, not contraction, love not anger.

So we sleep over here when the cricket is on, or the football, or if the Bear wants to watch a man movie. It doesn’t work I have discovered, on school nights because the Fairy Queen likes to sleep in, and I am stuck here waiting for her to wake up. Friday and Saturday nights are especially good, and it lets the Bear have a sleep in too. Or like this morning when I am busting to finish this post, I wake up at 5am and come over here – cup of tea, music playing, candles lit, writing away.

The Bear has alternately thought that my desire for my own space has been a power grab, a declaration of intent to leave, a sign that I need to ‘find myself’ after 9 years of at-home mothering, and sometimes even what it is – a simple desire for my own space. I just let him think whatever and try not to take it on, and hope that the results speak for themselves.

A couple of wonderful things have happened this week – a friend came over last weekend and hooked up the magical yet complex device that allows me to receive the internet over at the cottage. Hey presto – instant office. I moved all of my text books and stationery over here and spent three days working on and finishing an assignment. When my back would get sore from sitting at the computer, I would step into the next room and do some yoga :). Really, how ridiculously fortunate.

The other wonderful thing is the Feng Shui workshop I attended last weekend, in preparation for the Chinese new year of the water snake which is today, 10th February. In the workshop we learned about the flying stars which are the 9 moving energies related to direction that change with the new year. Armed with that information, I have been ‘feng shui-ing’ my houses,which basically involves cleaning, de-cluttering, moving things around, putting in ‘cures’ for negative energies and ‘activators’ for positive energies. I am not Chinese (although my great-grandmother was half Chinese, so maybe I am), so I don’t think it’s particularly useful to use Chinese cures like Chinese coins, dragons, scrolls, 5 element pagodas etc. What we learned in the workshop was to find our own cures and douse them for their effectiveness with a pendulum or sticks. So I have been using cures like crystals, sacred art or words, mandalas, lights, salt lamps, metal objects, bird baths, smudging, house plants etc.

It’s been great fun, and as you can imagine, the energy in our houses is really starting to sing. The Bear is a bit skeptical – I’m not Chinese and I don’t see how some old Chinese superstition is going to help me – but if it gets you to clean the house, I’m not going to stop you. Alas, my reply was unprintable. Although can I just mention that when I asked him to move the jade tree around to the other side of the house into our wealth section, he did so, and even got a bit fancy with a new-sawn log for the base :).

I am still over at the main house quite a lot – I still cook and clean and wash. We eat together and hang out together as a family. When the kids are at school and the Bear is at work, I head over here to the cottage and do my own thing.

So far so good.


  1. What!! No photo? “If there’s no photo, it didn’t happen,” or so say my teens (ok, early 20s). I was dying to see this place that I have been rooting for! Bravo for you Sara and congrats on the success so far! Love this. 🙂


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