The wisdom of snails and other things…

The magical world of snails captured by photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko
The magical world of snails captured by photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko


Day 13 of my dawn meditation practice. A 15 minute guided meditation (my brain was all excited and jumping around – sometimes it can be hard to concentrate when it’s like this, so I use a guided meditation on these mornings), a half hour asana sequence and then on my road for a half hour walk. Just me this morning – I often have one or both of my children with me which I like too, but it means a shorter, slower walk. It was cool, crisp and clear, the rising sun sparking off the mist. I walked past a pond where 5 different birds were drinking, one which I had never seen before. I stopped and watched for a while, wondering. The last bird left was a white egret which watched me back. I walked on.

The Eastern Great Egret
The Eastern Great Egret

A bit further I saw a white bull in a little lush valley of grass and wildflowers. I stopped again to gaze atΒ  the bull, serenely cropping the grass. The whole scene reminded me of the romantic art depicting Taurus…Ah! That one was easy – the sun has just moved into Taurus, my sun sign. Behold, the Festival of the Cow is upon us πŸ™‚

Taurus by Josephine Wall
Taurus by Josephine Wall

Turning around to walk back home I saw a fibre-glass snail, as big as a garden gnome, wedged into the cliff. I live in a rural area, and I walk this road regularly. It was odd. I would have dismissed it as just being someone’s weird fancy, if it wasn’t the third snail message I’ve had this week. First was a dream where a snail was climbing up a rainbow pillar of light. Ugh, wtf? I thought, and dismissed it. The next day I saw a photo article on the Elephant Journal that showcased stunning macro photos of snails. They were delicate, graceful and divinely beautiful. I felt charmed and chastened all at the same time. And now, today, another snail. Am I the snail?, I asked. No, came the response: you’re not the snail; but the snail energy is helping you.

I looked it up here, finally:

Patience, water, winter, release deadlines and goals, focus on the small things – details, textures; protect yourself, slow down, retreat, sacred spiral.

Ah. I see.

Do you pay attention to the signs around you? What do you see?


  1. It seems like the nearby nature is really enhancing your practice– how fantastic to have so much natural beauty right outside your door. Lovely to read about your experience.


    • Thank you Tamina – I think I must have been picking up on the snail energy and paying attention to the details. It’s very rewarding πŸ™‚


  2. I am trying to pay attention to signs, but they seem to be beating the shit out of me right now. I love the snail photo, and the message this interesting (garden destroying, in this area) little guy brings. I think he must also tell us: pack light, as he carries it all with him. Hmm, interesting thoughts; nice post, sara. (finally catching up on the 654 messages in my WP in box! πŸ™‚ )


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