Inspiration Saturday 3

Hey, I love Saturday mornings – not only do I get a chance to cast an eye back over my week cherry picking all my favourite bits out of it and then share it with you guys, but today we get to combine my favourite sport (under 11s soccer) with my favourite markets (Bellingen community markets). Yay 🙂

It’s been a good week for me – first week of my new job as teachers aide as well as another exciting job interview process (more about that later) – as well as heaps of writing inspiration. I’m loving being here more often, I really am, and I’m also loving the new friends I’m making this time around!

So, let’s get into it:

Best Article: Learning to Trust the Source of Your Creativity

Written by Julie Daley of Unabashedly Female, this article started with these words:

Now it is the crickets
that say Ripe Ripe
slurred in the darkness, while the plums

dripping on the lawn outside
our window, burst
with a sound like thick syrup
muffled and slow

Margaret Atwood, from “Late August”

I stopped, in awe, and read them again. Oh my 🙂 This is a beautiful article about the welling up of creativity, what it feels like and how to work with it. Beautifully written, it really struck a chord with me. Here’s some more:

I feel the impulse. It rises up inside me from deep in the dark. It rises up on its own, like breath.

This impulse is alive, like breath, like me.

This impulse is whole. Everything is contained within. Everything I need in order to express this impulse comes along with it.

This impulse is ripe. And, because it is ripe, the entirety of it is ready to be eaten, tasted, digested, and made new again through expression.

This impulse is wise. It knows what I don’t know. And when I admit I don’t know, it comes. In its own time.

This impulse is responsive. When I listen to, and feel, the deepest longing inside me, and actively create, and engage within, a space for epiphany and insight, it comes. It always comes. In its own time.

My willingness to trust and admit that I do not have the answer to a question I truly want to know serves like a clarion call to grace…to be graced.

Grace comes on its own, in its own time. That is what it means to ‘be graced’.

Best Music:

Harry manx

I absolutely love Harry Manx, and this is the third album that I have from his collection. It’s not new – it was released in 2009, but he is a prolific artist with 12 albums released in 12 years and I can’t keep up! Why do I love Harry? He’s a travelling blues man who spent the formative years of his musical life playing slide guitar in Toronto Blues Clubs – and then moved to India and spent 12 years learning the 20 string Mohan Veena, under the rigorous tutelage of its Indian inventor. So, he brings East and West together in this wonderfully unique ragas/blues combination. Also, he’s awake – and you can hear that in his music:

“Like many people I’m interested in my own development as a person and that’s represented in my songs, I’m searching for truth through art and spirituality. My songs are a synthesis of everything I’ve absorbed, all my experiences and I share that. I’m glad that it means something to people.”

Check him out here playing the first track from Bread and Buddha:

 Best Things I’ve Learned:

This has been a learning week, which excites the hell out of me, because I love learning!

  • It was my first week as a teacher’s aide, so for the first time in a long time, I had to get dressed in nice clothes and make up to go to work 🙂 My first day was a training day where I learned about Autism, Dyslexia and Anaphylaxis. Fascinating. My next two shifts were at school, where I learned the difference between a prism and a pyramid, and that the definition of a three dimensional shape is that you can look at it from three ways – above, below and from the side. What? How did I not know these vital pieces of information? 🙂
  • I’ve learned that Colorado is 16 hours behind my time, and that an interview at 2pm Tuesday Colorado time is 6am Wednesday morning here.
  • I’ve learned, and please don’t laugh, that I do not need a videopress upgrade to embed a youtube video into my blog – all I need to do is copy and paste the URL into the blog and wordpress does the rest. I am so happy to know that, and also amazingly embarrassed that I have been blogging for two years, and I never thought to find that out. OMG. It feels a bit like when I dicovered a few years ago that thunder is the sound that lightning makes. I was absolutely delighted with that piece of information, because it made such beautiful sense – but completely gobsmacked that it had never occurred to me before in all of my 35 years. Yep, welcome to the mind of Sara Foley – it sure is an interesting place 🙂

Best Bit of Awesomeness:

A little over a month ago, a friend sent me a link to a job for Nourished Kitchen, a well-known American food blog, which focuses on whole foods, proper food preparation (particularly of grains as well as fermentation), sustainable farming, local and seasonal eating and community access to good food. I loved the sound of  it because it sounds just like my food philosophy, and the position as team assistant seemed a perfect match for my skills and experience. So I applied for it. Why not? When i checked, the Facebook link for the job advertisement had over 1000 likes and 500 shares…but nothing ventured nothing gained, right? Anyway, a week or so later I received a reply – could you answer some questions – which I did. Then on Monday morning (10 minutes before I was due to leave for my first day as a teacher’s aide) I received another email: we are interviewing on Tuesday between 10 and 4 mountain time. Shit! What’s mountain time? A quick google told me that 2pm mountain time Tuesday equals 6am my time Wednesday. Okay, can do. I had that interview, and it all went well – I’ll know some time next week whether I have the job or not. But here’s the really cool thing: 500 people applied for that job, and they only interviewed 10.

😀 🙂 😀 🙂

Best Thing to Look At:

Long Lost Photos Show What Hasn’t Changed About Motherhood in 50 Years

I was out and about today – in the supermarket, cafe and my children’s athletics carnival – and there were babies and little children everywhere. I had not much else to do but watch, and I saw the mothers do what mothers do everywhere – nurse, scold, laugh, frown, cuddle, feed, take to the toilet, tie shoelaces, wipe snotty noses, change bottoms, push prams – and I felt relief that my children were no longer that little. I know, that’s not what I hear most women say. I should say that straight after relief, I felt admiration, compassion and that unnameable quantity that happens to a person when they see a child. I said to a friend today that I think I still have a little bit of PTSD from early childhood mothering, and while that’s probably not technically true, it feels like it. I’m not a bad mother; I am loving, connected and committed. But for me, mothering under 4s was challenging.

Anyway, I saw this photo blog today, and it opened my eyes to motherhood in a whole different way. The photographs were taken by Ken Heyman 50 years ago, and show mothers and their children all over the world. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I felt again that exquisite kinship with mothers everywhere, that is part and parcel of motherhood. Other mothers, they know.

Favourite Quote:

“Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either.
People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I.
I have to contribute my potential to life; you have to contribute your potential to life.
I have to discover my own being; you have to discover your own being.”

– Osho

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!




  1. Congrats on the job interview, Sara! It’s definitely one of those things where it feels like you’re chucking your application into a black hole but I’m so glad to hear that they got back to you! As I’m in the process of semi-job hunting (I say semi because there are some more pressing matters at the moment….like, oh I don’t know, a dissertation??), I can definitely sympathize so I imagine the joy of getting a reply back must feel so great. 🙂 Glad to see things are picking up!


    • It sure does Lillian – it kind of feels like the foundations that I’ve been putting into place are finally turning into more than just stumps in the ground 🙂 Anyway, get back to your dissertation, I can hear it calling you 🙂


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