Saturday Inspiration – Week 4

You know what I really love about writing these Saturday Inspiration posts? The way it makes me pay attention during the week. I find myself taking note of what I read, watch, listen and learn – and if I come across something awesome, my heart skips a beat (yes! that is definitely going in the Saturday Inspiration file 🙂 )

So, without further ado, let’s jump in:

Best Article: The One Illusion we Cannot Afford to Believe In
Click on the title to read the article – come on, I can tell if you don’t 🙂

Written by Dr Kelly Flanagan, this is a beautifully written piece on the apparent disconnect of people today, the ubiquitous presence of mobile devices and the instant gratification of information and media at our finger tips. What we forget though, is that rather than being more independent, we are actually more interdependent than ever before. The article begins with a story:

I’m on the fifth floor of a hotel in Pennsylvania, waiting for an elevator to the lobby. It’s July 4th—Independence Day in America. Early morning, and I’m leaving the hotel to find a cheaper breakfast. As I wait, I become aware of piped-in music overhead. I hear lyrics that remind me of my wife: “Fortune teller said I’d be free, and that’s the day you came to me.”

I instantly reach for my phone, Google the lyrics, and the song title is the top result. I click out of Google, tap my Spotify app, search for the song, and the song playing above my head is now coming out of my phone.

I enjoy the dopamine rush of immediate gratification and I marvel at the convenience of technology. But mostly, I revel in my apparent self-sufficiency. Twenty years ago, I would’ve required the help of a number of people to identify the song, find a music store, and purchase the CD.

In 2014, I interact with no one.

In 2014, I can completely ignore how interdependent all of us are…

Awesome huh? Check it out here. (Thanks Kara-Leah for sharing!)

Best Music: The Essential Snatum Kaur – Sacred Chants for Healing click on the link to view in itunes…

There’s not much that can be said about Snatum Kaur, other than you just need to listen to her. The first time I came across this artist was through this clip, a year or so ago:

More recently, I have heard her on Yoga Revolution and Spotify – and have realised somewhat belatedly that she has a huge catalogue of music. This is a beautiful album, perfect for yoga, meditation and early morning writing sessions 🙂

Best Watching:

This week, I’ve had a little bit of an Elizabeth Gilbert moment (author of Eat, Pray, Love). You know when someone or something just keeps jumping out at you until you’re forced to pay attention? Okay, so on Sunday night, Baby Mac mentioned she was reading her new book, The Signature of All Things. I have read Eat Pray Love and its sequel, Committed: A Love Story; I enjoyed both of them, so I checked it out on my kindle – it looked good, and it was on special, so I bought it straight away. I haven’t started reading it yet, but no doubt you’ll hear about it when I do :). Anyway, the next day, Dr. Christiane Northrup shared this article on her facebook page: Elizabeth Gilbert: The Seven Books That Shaped Me as a Writer. There’s a short article and then two Tedx talks that she has done. It was this talk that really tickled my fancy:

Now, I know you think you don’t have time to watch this Tedx talk, even though you love them, and you get so much out of them, but believe me, if you are interested in creativity, then you have time to watch it. In it, she talks about this concept of creativity, and how in ancient Greece and Rome it was thought that creativity was something that came from outside of yourself, and you as an artist brought that inspiration into being. You weren’t a genius; you had a genius. In the Renaissance Period, we decided that humans were much more important than that, and that all creativity came from within – so we became a genius instead of having a genius. It was probably about that time that artists became alcoholics 🙂 Anyway, watch it, it’s great.

Best Thing I Learned:

Apart from re-learning such things as how to use a protractor, and that the angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees (in my teacher’s aide world). I also learned (wait for it) that you can upload an image directly into the Google search bar (so that’s what the little camera is for!) – and it will come up with all the other places that it can be found on the internet! I have often wondered how to find the artist for unnamed pictures that I find floating around – and now I know :). If that doesn’t work, I have also discovered there is a thing called a Reverse Image Search, which may also help. Yes, I understand that is information that probably everyone else knows, but I didn’t 🙂

Best all round awesomeness:

Last week my album of the week was Harry Manx’s Bread and Buddha. Guess what? He’s touring Australia – and coming to Bellingen (a town only an hour away). Yippee! He toured a couple of years ago – and inconveniently scheduled his Bellingen gig on my son’s birthday. This time it’s on Father’s Day. So I say to the Bear – do you want to come and see Harry Manx with me? He pauses for a minute to consider, and then he said Only if I can pay. A big, silly grin rearranged my face for me. Man, this must be love 🙂

A friend who shall remain nameless, but she knows who she is, heard that I was working on a largeish (but still secret) writing project, so sent me a book writing tool that represents a decent investment – and one that will help me move my If Only into Reality. In fact, I have felt the Universe supporting me in so many ways this week – carving out time, giving me gifts, showing me articles and putting me in inspirational conversations. I am listening, and I feel blessed. On that note:

Best Image:

The Chinese character for Listen
The Chinese character for Listen


That’s all folks! Have a beautiful weekend 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂 I’ve always refused to buy into the myth that serious artists have to be dysfunctional, miserable addicts – but it was interesting to see the historical background and where that archetype could have developed. It’s a lot of pressure on a person to think that they are solely responsible for their own creations.


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