Saturday Inspiration #5

Spring blew in this week (literally – it’s blowing a gale at the moment). I know it’s only the beginning of August and she’ll blow back out again – but something has definitely changed. I walked outside two days ago, early, 5:30ish – and stopped. What was that smell? The air felt different; charged with a warmth and energy that had not been there the day before. The magpies were warbling, and there was a sense of anticipation and aliveness in the air.

Delicious spring photo by Jules Kyle – and this is one of my week’s favourite things 🙂

Best Read: 

Peaches dies of an overdose in front of her son; smug mothers everywhere polish their mirrors (click on the article name to read)

Do you know Eden Riley from Edenland? Edenland was one of the very first blogs I started following, two years ago. She had just won Best Australian blog for 2012. Eden is a normal woman – married with two kids, loving husband, a great writer – and also happens to be a recovering alcoholic and junkie, who battles everyday with depression. She is honest, raw and one of the most beautiful people on the planet. I wish…I could be as honest as her, to not give a fuck like her. One day! But until then, I read her work and admire her from afar.

Best Listen: My favourite song for the week is I AM, by Guru Singh and Seal,  from Yoga Revolution (yes, I’m still listening to this album, which was my best listen in week 1!). I’ve found myself singing this to myself like a mantra as I go about my business this week.

I also have an album of the week, because this is my blog, I make the rules – and there is no such thing as too much music, right?


Boy and Bear are a Sydney Indie-folk group and this is their second album, released in 2013. They got their break through triple J’s Unearthed program in 2009, and haven’t looked back. They released their first album, Moonfire, in 2011 and now Harlequin Dream.

This is their first track and lead single of the album:

AND best of all, it gets better with every listen.


Best (re) Learning:

This week I (re)learned Never say Never. Ever. I had to laugh today: I may have said in the past that I had no interest in, and would never teach children. I may also have said that I had no interest in, and would never teach yoga (especially to children). Well, today I did both 🙂 I am 3 weeks into my new job as a teacher’s aide, and it’s pretty awesome. Fun actually :). As for the yoga, well, that was a bit out of left field. It was an idea that wouldn’t go away, even though I told it to…and as a result, today I taught 14 children aged 6 to 11 Salute to the Sun, breathing, meditation and how to say Namaste. My favourite definition of yoga by a 10 year old yoga novice?

Yoga is something you do to create peace inside yourself.

Yes! I gave her an award for that definition 🙂

Best Blessing:

This is from Cupcakes and Cauldrons:

The Art of Bliss Bombing

Bliss Bombing is really good for shy people. If you aren’t able to get out and about, do this to a plane flying above you, a car going down the road, or to a place in the world that you feel needs a little extra kindness.

This is a gorgeous activity, and one of my favourites. If you’re able to, take yourself to a public place, like a mall, coffee shop, or a bench in a park near where people are walking by.  Sit somewhere unobtrusive.  When someone walks past, shoot a radiant shower of golden sparks from your heart to theirs and silently bless them with love.  You can even send joy and love from your heart to trees, animals, plants, bus-loads of commuters and overhead planes.  You might  want to say to yourself, “I bless you with love.  Know joy today.”  If anyone catches your eye, just smile.

Feel your open heart begin to tingle with energy and joy.  In that place of energetic connection look around you at the world and you will see that it IS brighter and more beautiful because of YOU.

Gorgeous huh? And that’s it from me this week – have a beautiful weekend everyone.




    • Yes, I am – it’s been an intention of mine for some years to only do work that I enjoy and that makes a difference. I didn’t know that it would be this type of work – but really, what would I know? 🙂


    • I still can’t quite believe it – but I’m still thinking about it days later, things I might do next time, things that I liked about it: like how still and relaxed they were in savasana and how good they were with their breathing. Life!


  1. Love Boy and Bear and it seems I’ve been a bit slow with their last album if it came out last year…will be remedied tonight.
    (ps. Isn’t it great making up the rules, because it’s YOUR blog. Yep 🙂


    • Yes, me too! I think their second album is even better than the first.
      That’s why I blog I think – so no one can tell me what to do 🙂


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