Ode to Yoga

Art by Karmym (Markus Meier)
Art by Karmym (Markus Meier)


Ode to Yoga

Come to the mat

With eyes too tired to think

With mouths too closed to speak

With hands too transparent to hold

Come to the mat

With sheets twisted on ankles

With minds that keep speaking

With tummies like watermelons

Come to the mat

When you can’t find things

When you can’t keep things

When you hold onto things

When there are too many things

Come to the mat

With all your mirrors

With all your punctures

With all your hurricanes

Come to the mat

Rasp the breath

Unbolt the shoulders

Curve the bridge

Collapse the pool

Roll the dough

Peel the pleasure

Expand the sky

Sweep the wings

Hold the




In the flow of

Whatever is

In that moment

Come to the mat

Visit often

The dear friend

You are getting to know

By Kaylia Dunstan


Beautiful huh? I found this poem in this month’s Australian Yoga Journal (it’s pretty awesome – I’ve only just discovered it) – and thought it was so perfect and so descriptive of a yoga practice – why we resist the mat, what brings us to the mat and what keeps us there.


    • Yes, that’s a good way to describe it. i loved how she went through the suffering then the resistance, and then finally went to the mat and just let it all go.


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