Inspiration and Wisdom Through Seven Sacred books – Part Three

Outrageous Openness

Letting the Divine take the lead

By Tosha Silver



The first two books on my list, The Power of Now and The Artist’s Way are books that lots of people know about. Outrageous Openness? Not so much. Up until recently, Outrageous Openness was self published by the author and promoted solely through her Facebook page – which is where I first came across it. I was intrigued – who was this zany, funny, wise astrologer/psychic/wise woman/writer/poet? Obsessed with the Divine in all of her forms, Tosha constantly tells stories of how she and other people come across the Divine every day, all day. That’s what drew me to her actually; she tells funny stories ALL the time. It was her poetry (which are really just prayers) that led me to her book though, and this one in particular:

Change Me Prayer

“Divine Beloved, Change Me into someone
who can give with complete ease and abundance,
knowing You are the unlimited Source of All.

Let me be an easy open conduit for Your prosperity.
Let me trust that all of my own needs are
always met in amazing ways
and it is safe to give freely as my heart guides me.

And equally, please Change Me into someone
who can feel wildly open to receiving.
Let me know my own value, beauty and
worthiness without question.
Let me allow others the supreme pleasure of giving to me.
Let me feel worthy to receive in every possible way.

And let me extend kindness to all who need,
feeling compassion and understanding
in even the hardest situations.

Change me into One who can fully love, forgive
and accept myself… so I may carry your Light
without restriction.

Let everything that needs to go, go.
Let everything that needs to come, come.
I am utterly Your own.

You are Me.
I am You.
We are One.

All is well.

I bought her book at the beginning of 2012 – actually, I think it was the first book I ever bought on my brand new kindle – and, like all the other books on this list, it has been transformational for me.

Divine Order and Aligning with the Divine

Divine Order is the understanding that every problem or situation already has its own ready made solution, just waiting to come to us. If we would just, for one minute, quit racing around, panicking, trying to control every damn thing – that solution will come to us.

Divine Source says there us a natural Universal Abundance that knows how to meet every need. Harmonising with this Force of Love – call it the Shakti, God, Goddess, One Mind, whatever you will – is the golden key to everything. If a state of radical openness, acceptance and attention is held.

Sometimes it seems that our main task on this Earth is that of Problem Solver. It seems that if it’s not one thing then it’s another, oh boy. It never ends. Or at least, that’s how it seemed to me, when I appointed myself chief problem solver of my own life. Got a problem? Find a solution, and then make it happen come hell or high water – that was my motto. The thing is though, there are a few difficulties with that approach: the main one being that life seemed to be full of problems – and the harder I worked to solve problems, the more I seemed to create.

I’m often thinking about the topic of doership and who in fact is the one ‘doing the doing’. Life changes radically if you know you’re a conduit for what wishes to happen as opposed to the one making it all occur.

Divine Will

God only gives us three answers: ‘Yes, not yet, or no, I love you too much.’

Okay, so there is our puny human ego-driven will that wantswantswants nownownow, and then there is the Divine Will.

Yes, our minds are vastly powerful. We have enormous power to manifest. What we think and anticipate often we do attract. But if we attract it with grasping and attachment, suffering will inevitably follow, as night follows any day.

Although I was as ego-driven as anybody and just as convinced of the rightness of my solutions as any despot, I’ve never been attracted to the idea of vision boards and The Secret style manifestation process. There is something a little ungrateful, this constant sending of want lists to the Divine, have you ever thought that? It’s a bit like: one week after Christmas, my kids start drafting up their birthday lists – and I tell them to put those damn lists away and go and play with the toys that were so desperate to get only last week. That’s us, with our vision boards of new cars, fancy holidays, iPads and designer clothes – this perfect life. It never ends, you see, this grasping.

Anything forced into manifestation through personal will is always ‘ill gotten’. – Florence Scovel Shinn

When I read that line, something really clicked into place. I thought about all those times I had used my personal will to bulldoze something into happening before its time – or worse, when it wasn’t ever meant to happen – and it never ended well.

In fact, when I first read Outrageous Openness, I had lost all faith in my own ability to know what was good for me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and nothing I did seemed to work out. I was frustrated and I felt like a failure.  Little did I know that was the absolute perfect place for me to be to read this book! When I bought it, I sat up in bed and read it from cover to cover in almost one sitting – and then, unheard of for me, I went to the start and read the whole thing again. Do you mean that I don’t need to have all the answers? Do you mean that I don’t need to solve all my problems by myself? The relief I felt was extraordinary. So, when a situation came up, I practiced doing this:

Hold the question in your heart. Ask with complete focus and conviction for the Universe’s guidance. Then let go and see what breadcrumbs come for you to follow. If you don’t get an answer, just keep asking for a while until you do.

Breadcrumbs come in all sorts of forms – a phone call, email, chance meeting, dream, song, Facebook post, book – anything! Our job is to be awake and watchful – and be aware:

Divine Timing

You may wear out your iron-soled shoes searching for what arrives without effort when the time is right. – Chinese Proverb

In practicing this new way of approaching life – and believe it me, it takes practice – I had to let go of this idea of putting my own time constraints on things. Look, this was hard for me – five planets in taurus and an aries rising: omg I want things when I want them, how I want them – and I want them yesterday. But as I began resting back into the Divine, trusting the process and following the breadcrumbs, I began to understand the value of Divine Timing. I would say to myself:

My life is unfolding in Divine Timing. All delays are beneficial. I’m always in the right place at the right time.

More and more I began to see the value of moving with the flow of Life, rather than constantly paddling upstream. When I let of the need to control what was happening, how it happened and when it happened – I found that what I wanted found its way to me in magical ways. I wanted to find ways to explore writing – in short order I received details of a social media course, an invitation to join a writers group and the opportunity to study media and communications. I wanted to develop a yoga home practice – I received an email asking for people to edit a book called 40 Days of Yoga – breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice – which not only enabled me to create and sustain a home yoga practice for the past two years, but has given me many other gifts besides. Whereas before I would have come up with a strategy to get what I wanted, now I was offering up my preferences – and leaving the what, how and when up to the Divine to sort out.

What I needed to understand is that there is a big, big picture that I don’t have access to. My puny human mind just doesn’t have the capacity to understand or grasp the complexity of what it actually takes to make something happen.  The thing is, I don’t even have to try. All I do is move in the direction of what makes me joyful – offering up preferences as I go.

Right Action

Often the right action in life can be felt as a palpable inner pull in almost any situation…if you listen, you’ll be shown step by step the way to go.

For me, the right response in any situation has always been action. Or at least, it used to be. One of my most freeing realisations has been that often the best action is to do nothing. Just wait and see how the situation unfolds. This alone has been so transformative for me, for the biggest problems to the littlest scenarios. It has lead me, indeed, to ask myself every time something ‘goes wrong’ – what if this is actually perfect? Mostly, if I let a situation play out, instead of jumping straight in trying to fix it, the solution presents itself.

You just never know what blessings an obstacle or problem may be creating, and what larger nightmares you might totally be spared.

Like: I had a job a while ago, in social media. After about 8 months, I was totally sick of it and said to my boss that I was done and he would need to find someone else to do it. He asked if I could keep working until he found someone else; I agreed, and kept working. He had trouble finding someone to do my job, and it seemed to drag on and on – I still kept doing the work, but I was very tempted to just jump ship. Out of the blue, I was offered another job, which I was happy to accept. Two days later, my boss emailed me and said that he had found someone else. This is a kind of gentler life, and there is a  beauty in this kind of unfolding of events – certainly much more beautiful than what would happen if I had orchestrated the events 🙂

Sometimes, by jumping in with an action, we stop the natural correction process from occurring, resulting in a forced, unsatisfying solution. Sometimes we do need to make an action – and if we are aligned with Divine Will, we will know what that action is – and if we don’t know what to do, or we are undecided – do nothing. You might be surprised at the results – I know I was 🙂

For me, one of the beautiful things about this book is its easy readability. It’s light, funny, honest, personal – and none of those things detract from the deep truth contained within. In fact, it makes the truth accessible, and that’s really what I’m interested in: truth that everyone can get a hold of. I don’t like to wade through wordy philosophies that are overly complex and appear to have been dictated by someone’s ego. Tosha Silver is a writer and a story teller as well as lover of the Divine – and that simple fact makes her book enjoyable to read as well as life changing.











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