Service and the Virgo New Moon

From April Elliot Kent at Big Sky Astrology
From April Elliot Kent at Big Sky Astrology

I woke up yesterday morning with a list in my mind and a brain full of bullet points. That’s okay – it’s perfectly acceptable to wake up listing on the morning of the virgo new moon :). After all, there’s only one of them in every year! Even for me, a human with no virgo in my astrology chart, the virgo new moon, coming hot on the heels of the sun’s movement into the sign of the virgin will have an effect.

Everyone will feel this energy in different ways. Right now, some people are in a cleaning frenzy, some people are madly filing and organising their taxes and others have suddenly gotten a mad desire to fine tune their health and fitness programs. Not me 🙂 Today, that other Virgoan specialty is on my mind: service.

This is what my virgo-themed day (off) looked like:

  1. Wake up, meditate.
  2. Read, attend to, file and delete emails.
  3. Make breakfast and a packed lunch for the kids, help them finish their homework, listen to their home readers, pack their bags, teach them some goddamn manners 😉 and send them off to school.
  4. Tidy the house.
  5. Pay the bills online.
  6. Spend a couple of hours on writer’s group duties (I’m the secretary): type up minutes, change an advertised listing, send emails, pay bills, and liaise with the president and treasurer on some issues that were brought up at the last meeting.
  7. Order printer ink cartridges online.
  8. Start processing my tree full of lemons: I wish I could show you what it looks like, this smallish tree, laden with yellow fruit – but I’ve lost my camera, dammit! I made a huge jar of preserved lemons and 3 bottles of lemon cordial.
  9. Eat lunch: turmeric chicken noodle soup I had made the night before.
  10. With 20 minutes to go until school finished, I whipped up a batch of scones.
  11. I kid you not. Believe me, this is not every day, so don’t go getting all who do you think you are – super mum or something on me, okay?
  12. Do my daily heart kriya and yoga practice.
  13. The whole evening shenanigans – dinner, showers, teeth and bed.
  14. Journal, meditation, sleep.

On this day, I am serving my family and my writer’s group. Serving these groups is easy because I’m a valuable and useful part of them, and they fulfill certain core values I have (family, children, health, writing, community). It’s pleasurable and fulfilling work, even on my day off.

But what about the sorts of service that aren’t so pleasant or easy? That is what I woke up thinking about this morning, the second day of the virgo new moon. What about service where you are not valued, either by the community you serve or by the group itself? What about the sort of service where you have to learn to appreciate and value yourself and the work that you do? That kind of service is not so fun. Lots of people know about this kind of service – caring for children, the sick, disabled and aged is this kind of service. If you are doing this kind of service on a volunteer basis, it is most likely for a loved one, which doesn’t make the work easier, but keeps you in there when the going gets tough.

But what about the type of service that is not for family or loved ones? What about service for a thing, like a school or other community group? It may have started out as a cohesive, well-functioning group that was well supported and of which you became a valued member. Even though some of the people were difficult to work with, it didn’t matter too much because you were working for a common purpose – and that purpose was important enough to transcend any petty squabbles. But it’s changed over the years, membership has become smaller and smaller, and your work less valued and appreciated. It’s become a drag and a struggle, but still you persevere over the top of anger and frustration because there is still a need.

Finally though, there aren’t enough members to fill out the group anymore. The work hasn’t disappeared and and neither has the need for that work – but the people willing to do the work have gone. And still, you weigh it up, consider options, fight to hold it together. It’s hard for you to let go of this one, so hard. You hate to be a fucking quitter 🙂

I have learned this lesson well over the past decade or so: I used to be a quitter. When things got tough, I would just throw my hands up and walk away. But the Universe has arranged things to teach me how to be a stayer. Don’t like where you live? Bad luck, make the most of it. Trouble with your relationship? Stick to it and fix it. Work on it, work on yourself, make it the best you can. And I learned that the best things take work, every day, when it’s easy and when it’s not. Do you want to be a writer? Write every day. Do you want to become a conscious human being? Do your spiritual practices every single day.

So I guess it really shits me when something I have worked so hard on – quits on me! Ha 🙂 I’ve finally learned to stay with something until it gives up before me – OMG I’m going to take that as a small, pyrrhic victory 🙂

Maybe everything is already perfect, just as it is, and your only job is to figure out your place in it, and to do the best you can with what you’ve been given. Figure out what the world needs from you, and organize your life in such a way that you’re able to give it. – April Elliot Kent in her essay on the Virgo Moon

Happy virgo month friends – have you noticed any virgo themes in your life lately?

PS My next post will be the recipes for the preserved lemons and lemon cordial – just in case you too have a lemon tree that is groaning with fruit – or you want to come and get some of mine 🙂 You can have them for free if you want!







  1. I knew about this new moon in virgo coming…and then I completely forgot about it! I was away in CA and on the plane ride home (Monday) I was reading from Arianna Huffingtons new book. Her last bit is on service. And the whole time I was reading it I was thinking of all the opportunities to serve…where can I volunteer? Where can I take my kids to volunteer? And so on. Clearly, the new moon was hitting me big time, but I didn’t even realize where it was coming from! Then of course there is my natal moon in virgo which is always in a list making, frenzy cleaning, gotta do more state…ah, it feels so good when everyone else tunes into this energy 🙂 So happy I got your comment earlier and am now reading your post on this Virgo moment– I gotta keep up with these important happenings …see there’s that virgo moon again 🙂


    • You would definitely be feeling it with your virgo moon 🙂 I haven’t got my kids volunteering yet (except for in the home and I wouldn’t say that it was actually voluntary as such!) but I’m hoping my own volunteering spirit rubs off on them. I just love that feeling of being in the flow – best feeling ever 🙂


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