Weekend Inspiration #11

Yesterday started off badly. I had double booked two appointments at exactly the same time, one of which I had already changed from the week before. I can’t access my new work email, I’ve just got my period…and to top it all off, I went to renew my car registration online, and found out to my horror that it was not the six monthly renewal I was expecting, but the annual renewal – which means that I need to get my car inspected by a mechanic. Three points immediately spring to mind:

  1. How did I lose six months? I forget stuff all the time but at least forgetting implies that I once knew it. This was just dropping the ball, big time.
  2. The due date was Monday. Today is Thursday. I now have to drive my unregistered car into town and run around like a mad thing trying to get everything done before the kids finish school at 3pm. Shit.
  3. My car is a 1996 Holden Commodore Station Wagon. It’s 18 years old. Every year I say it will be the last year I register it – and here we are again! I have no idea what repairs it will need before the mechanic will pass it as safe and roadworthy. Shit.

Okay, don’t panic – let’s stick to what I do know: the car needs to be registered, today. It needs two new tyres. I ring up the tyre place in town and book it in at midday – it’s near where I get my hair cut, so I can get both done at the same time. Next I ring the mechanics. The receptionist says they’re booked out – but she relents at the slightly panicked tone in my voice and said that if I bring it in at 9 and leave it there, someone will hopefully be able to look at it. 9? What time is it? 8:10. I have to leave at 8:30 to get to the mechanics. Shit. I won’t go into the details, but somehow, both my kids and I left the building on time. On the way into town, I can feel my anxiety levels rising…I say Dear Divine and all of your beloved helpers – I need to get my car registered today, can you sort it? I immediately feel calmer. I walk to my yoga class from the mechanics, no problem. Yoga, then coffee with my friends (phew – don’t make me miss that bit of Thursday!). I return to the mechanics – by some miracle, all it needs are two new tyres (which I already knew) and brake lights. OMG thank you Divine and all of your beloved helpers 🙂 I ring the auto electrician and he fits me in at 2pm. I take the car to get new tyres, get my hair cut, do the shopping, then take my car to get new brakelights ($20!) and back to the mechanics to get the pink slip. I drive home and arrive neatly on 3pm. Take from this story what you will 🙂

Best (short) Read

Hacking happiness: The new radical self-reliance by Dina Kaplan (click to read)

This article rattled around in my head for quite a few days after I had read it, mostly because of this paragraph:

I believe true happiness comes from living with a core set of values you’ve chosen for yourself and then ensuring each of your actions, all day, stems from these values. At the end of the day you can ask yourself if you lived in accordance with your values. If you did, you should feel happy. Not a momentary high from a fun night out or a win at work, but a deeper feeling of happiness. A sense of inner peace. Calm.

It made me think about my own core values: truth, honesty, fairness, friendship, community, respect, family, freedom, integrity, commitment, discipline, education, compassion, participation. It made me think about how I feel when one of my values is compromised, either by myself or someone else. It made me realise that the things that I have found difficult to forgive in my life have all been actions that have compromised one of my core values. This article triggered many interesting discussions with the Bear, and many interesting thought trails.

What are your core values, and how do you feel when one of them is compromised?

Best Astrological Tidbit

I love astrology, so for those who don’t love astrology, move on 🙂 I was driving home yesterday, following one of my thought trails on my core values, when I remembered something that Mystic Medusa had said in her mini lesson about the importance of the God of War in your chart: wherever you find Mars, is where you will find your passion, your purpose, your core values, the men you like – and where you will find what really pisses you off. If you don’t know your chart, go here and get one – it’s quick, easy and free. In my chart, Mars is in Cancer, traditionally thought to be a weak placement (by old men astrologers 🙂 ). Having Mars in Cancer, the sign of the mother, the divine feminine, family, community, healing, the Home, stability, every day magic and spirituality…means that I pick up my sword when I feel that my home, family or community is threatened, I am a born feminist, have tiger mother tendencies…and I love men who prioritise family and the home. It means that I get passionate about health and healing and how the every day is a source of spiritual enlightenment. Weak? Pppfftttt 🙂

What about you? Do you know where your Mars is? What does it tell you about yourself?

Best Live Music

The Bear and I went and saw Harry Manx last Sunday. I have been waiting for years to see him – he’s Canadian, and while he does come to Australia every couple of years, I couldn’t see him last time he came because it was on my son’s birthday. This time though – nothing was going to stop me 🙂 He played in Bellingen, in their delightful community hall in the centre of town, at the most civilised time of 3pm. Don’t worry, I was smiling to myself that I’m old enough to think that 3pm Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to see music 🙂 The Bear remarked that it was the first time that he’d ever been to a gig where they served chai and biscuits 🙂 Me – I think that chai and biscuits should be served at every gig! I loved the simplicity of Harry’s set up – just him, Clayton Doley, a talented keyboard player and his instruments – an acoustic guitar, slide guitar, a home made cigar box guitar, banjo, harmonica and his famous Mohan Veena, a 12 string Indian instrument.

Best Yoga

Some of you have been following my 40 day heart opening yoga journey (boy was that ever a journey into the deep). I’ve finished that now, but one thing leads to another, and when you start moving energy around in the heart, your throat chakra needs to be clear and open, or you’re going to run into some issues…like I did. So, I needed to do some work on my throat chakra. This is what I love about yoga, you see: it’s like the ultimate DIY spiritual tool box. I’ve been doing this sequence for nearly two weeks now, and in addition to some bodywork and some other tricks I have up my sleeve, my neck and shoulders feel great. I’m really excited to be doing this work, because it’s been a long time coming – my neck is like the last frontier, you know – it doesn’t seem to matter what I’ve done or had done to my neck in the past, nothing released the tension. Now, I know where that tension is coming from (unexpressed heart emotion), I can finally work on it.

The sequence is simple: some neck rolls and stretches (I add a  couple of my own to the sequence), downward dog, cobra, pose of the child/half-camel sequence (I don’t do full camel – my back doesn’t like to bend that way 🙂 ), bridge (I use a block under my sacrum), shoulderstand (I mostly do shoulderstand in the chair so I can get the correct shoulder action), plow and fish.

Best Image

Artist: Morgan Davidson
Artist: Morgan Davidson – click image to see more of her work.

Best Words

This quote came with the above image, and I thought it was a fitting end to this week:

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

– Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Have a beautiful weekend everyone xo


  1. Sounds like your fabulous Thursdays had a bit of a spin this week — glad it all worked out in the end. My mars is in Sag -10th house. I never knew the connection between mars and the kind of men we’re attracted to. (I’d always put that on Venus which is in Capricorn for me). Surprise Surprise my husband is a Sag/ Capricorn cusp. Congratulations on finishing the 40 days of heart opening…now onto the throat! I wonder what that will lead to 🙂


    • Surprise, surprise 🙂 my partner is an Aries but is a total family man 🙂 apparently where a man’s Venus is will tell you the type of women he likes…


    • Oh, love it 🙂 Astrology makes so much sense! I was reading about mine and my partner’s signs last night, and even my non astro minded husband was laughing at how true it was.


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