How Yoga Helped Me at Every Stage of Life

Hey, this is pretty exciting – I’ve just had an article published in The Yoga LunchBox as part of Kara-Leah Grant’s Because Yoga is for Every Body series! This series of articles has had a range of contributions from the yoga community, students and teachers alike, and has been fascinating in the range of views and insights about yoga. While I may not be a yoga expert, whatever that is, I am an expert on myself and the benefits that a home yoga practice has brought me over the years. Here’s my story:

I still remember the moment when I chose yoga as an adult.

I was twenty four and just beginning my own journey of personal growth and spiritual development. I knew that my mind, body and spirit were all connected, and what I did to one affected the other.

I wanted to be more flexible in my mind, so I figured that if I became more flexible in my body, my mind would (hopefully) follow.

          How can I become more flexible? Do yoga.

To read the rest of the article, head on over to The Yoga Lunchbox.

yoga mat


  1. Congratulations on having your article published on The Yoga LunchBox. You do a wonderful job of writing from personal experience to share benefits with others.


  2. Oh my, Sara! So so SO exciting! This is HUGE! Congratulations! I’m heading over, right now, to the Yoga Lunchbox to read the rest of your article…. Oh! I’m just so dang excited for you!


  3. Really nice article…congratulations for getting published!!!
    Yes, I must admit Yoga is the best form to align body, mind and soul…We are all on the go in this fast pace life, we get anchored to stress, mind is a state of turmoil, and soul is lost is search of the purpose for this madness.
    Yoga is the best antidote, it cost nothing and it gives everything from health to intellect through positive and balanced thinking…something can done at every stage of our life and you have appropriately titled it…looking forward to more such articles!!!

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