Weekend Inspiration #15

Well, how did the Aries full moon eclipse/mercury retrograde/fire trine/zap zone shenanigans affect you this week? I added PMT into the mix, making for an speechless red hot rage experience on the night of the eclipse and the following morning, so intense it felt like insanity. I’m looking back on it now from the safety of 24 hours wondering what it was all about – but I know better to ignore anger when it pops its head up: Hint: Relationships are front and centre of this energy. You need to bring your A-game to your relationship (including to yourself). Also, I wrote this to a friend yesterday who was spooked by the intense energy around at the moment and wanted to know more.:

Think about this: this is the last phase of an intense, rare astrological transit that kicked off for real in mid-2012. Anything change for you around then? This is the kind of transit where you are not allowed to be complacent about your self work – it is your most important focus. Also, it’s really important to be clear and real about money matters, both on a personal level and on a global level. This year has strong echoes of 1996 – you may notice similar themes – but hopefully your more mature, enlightened self is doing it better this time around. There is also a mercury retrograde at the moment as well as the overwhelming feel of the eclipse, making this time feel very frustrating – there is change afoot, you can hear the bells tolling – but you have no idea where it’s coming from or what’s going to happen. No matter – you’ll know when you’re supposed to 🙂

Best Short Read

Want to know how to instantly piss people off? A guest post by Katie Rainbird on WoogsWorld.

So, how do you instantly piss people off? Talk about food and diets, particularly the Paleo movement, that’s how 🙂 Mrs Woog, the owner of WoogsWorld is not a nutritionist, but Katie Rainbird is – and she writes here about her food philosophy and how it differs from the paleo diet:

Cake; when made from scratch using good ingredients (wholegrain flours, organic dairy and eggs, sugar free cocoa, natural flavorings and colorings, whole butter or coconut oil icing [there’s many ways to healthy-fy a cake]) and when eaten, as a minority percentage of an otherwise whole foods diet is FUCKING LUSH and WITHOUT SHAME.

Note my mention of a “whole foods diet”, which is essentially what the Paleo diet constitutes.

Although there are myriad versions of the Paleo diet its primary guidelines are to eat wild game and fish, grass fed organic livestock and their produce, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and cold pressed oils.

YES! A great line up of foods, I agree that these are virtuous and worthy of regular rotation on our plates from breakfast through to dinner.

But there’s no rainbow cake on that list. Which makes it immediately not allowed and therefore a no-no. Bad. Wrongful to consume. Only the weaker Paleo dieter will know the pleasure of tucking in at a birthday party.

I don’t get on board tying guilt up with eating because I believe that the communication between the mind and the body plays a substantial role in the outcomes of one’s diet. Click here to read the rest of the article

I really enjoyed this article, basically because it taps into some of my core beliefs: namely that food is not and should never be a religion where you are right and people who don’t agree with you are wrong, evil or stupid; there is not one right way to eat; and that a healthy, home-crafted, wholefoods diet is a beautiful thing. Plus, Katie Rainbird studied nutrition at Nature Care College, same as me, so I feel like I have some small connection with her 🙂

Best Watch

Guess what? I watched television this week 🙂 I know! A-mazing 🙂 Seriously though, this was incredible television. This past week has been Mental Health Week and the ABC, our national broadcaster, has shown their support for it on all of their platforms (radio, television, internet) with their #MentalAs programming. The highlight of the week was Changing Minds – The Inside Story, a three part documentary set in Liverpool Hospital’s Mental Health Unit.

Filmed inside one of the busiest Psychiatric Units in the country, Changing Minds: the Inside Story uncovers the realities of 21st century mental health treatment as we meet the patients and staff who are challenging, with humour and honesty, the stigma and taboos that exist around mental health.

In order to film the series at Liverpool Hospital, an intensive 6 months of pre-production, involving protocols, legal and access agreements was undertaken by the team before filming commenced.

Over 12 weeks, a small crew from Northern Pictures filmed inside the locked wards of the Mental Health Unit. From electro convulsive therapy, to modern psychiatric drug regimes, access has been unprecedented. For the first time on Australian television, we film the proceedings of the Mental Health Review Tribunal and see the legal process that allows unwell people be held against their will whilst being treated.

The series follows the journeys back to health of patients unwell at the time of their admittance. It’s raw, funny and sometimes uncomfortable. But the message is clear – help is available.

You can watch it for free on iview – check it out.

Best Short Watch

In this TED talk, Ash Beckham talks about coming out of the closet. Not just the gay closet – Ash describes the closet as a difficult conversation that we need to have, and how sitting in our closet holding our grenade is not only bad for our health, but is depriving the world of our true authentic selves. A wonderful 10 minutes and a great start to our weekend!

Best App

This (free) app, recommended to me by Elysha Lenkin from Mind Body Stylist, is called Smiling Mind:

Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It is a unique web and App-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives. It is a not-for-profit initiative based on a process that provides a sense of clarity, calm and contentment.

I immediately thought of my 6 year old daughter – she loves to listen to music as she drifts off to sleep – and I’ve been wanting to teach her meditation for a while now, knowing that it is a skill she will come back to time and time again. Of course, I would also like to teach my 10 year old son meditation, so maybe when Clash of Clans or Minecraft puts out a meditation app, one of you will let me know :). Anyway, I downloaded it, and my daughter loves it – she lies in bed for 5 or 10 minutes practicing mindfulness and breathing before she goes to sleep. Yay!

Best Words

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.
– Marianne Williamson

Best Art

Art by Jenna Rivera
Art by Jenna Rivera

That’s all from me today folks – have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Smiling Minds!! So happy you shared with your daughter– thank you for the mention. And what great words to remember by Marianne Williamson. I’ve been looking into Gabrielle Bernstein these days — she is of the same philosophy as Williamson, a disciple so to speak. I just put her new book on hold at the library. Curious to see how it reads. Well thanks again for another inspiring round up. Oh, about the eclipse — those words you wrote to your friend — was that a general synopsis? I had always thought that eclipses hit each of us in particular areas — so for example, the money bit you mentioned — it just so happens the eclipse was in my 2nd house with Uranus right next to it. Was that a more general theme that you were referring to, or did your friend have the eclipse in her 2nd or 8th house as well?


    • I tried to tell you about the smiling minds app when I was commenting on your post, but it kept cutting me off after the first sentence, so I gave up 😊 so yes, thank you so much for that recommendation! As for the astrology but – yes, totally general, and not really about the eclipse at all. I was referring to Pluto in Capricorn, which has been wreaking havoc in economies large and small over the past few years (I love macro astrology!) How did you experience the eclipse? The eclipse was in my 1st house, so of course it was all about me lol 💥😡 I really only started to regain my equilibrium yesterday – I made a list of four things I need to do to feel better within myself and a daily meditation practice was the first one. 💗


  2. A daily meditation practice has been really grounding and great for me lately. I haven’t had amazing insights, or breakthroughs- but I’m finding that I feel calmer overall…not all the time, of course — but generally speaking, I just feel more centered. As for the eclipse — no big shake-ups on my end…it was in my 2nd and then the fire trine–which was to hit my career, money and 7th house didn’t really impact either. Perhaps it’s still to come? Or maybe the meditation practice is what is having the most impact?!?!


    • Ah, who knows? Time will tell! I still feel really rattled from it, so am finding my meditation practice a time to be the person that is beyond the sadness and anger. It’s a relief, to be honest. Have a good week, Elysha xo


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