A Day in the Life of an Imperfect Woman (me)

I wrote this to the Bear last night:

Okay…my day:

     Wake up at 4:15am. Meditate.

          Go through inbox – action and delete emails (156 FFS!)

               Reply to blog comments.

Add new contacts to mum’s mailchimp account and send her the report of the bounced emails.

                    Take my turn in scrabble.

Go over to the house, fill the birdbaths, water the herb garden and pot plants, let the chickens out – or chicken to be precise – the other ones have already let themselves out. Attempt to make the pen more secure.

                         Get kids ready for school.

Harry comes over before 8 – coffee, chat and coconut bread. Nick describes the difference between when the Bear looks after them and when I do. Kind of funny and kind of not. Harry borrows a book to read – I give him Kara-Leah’s No More Excuses for Yoga to read. He leaves just after 9 – and comes straight back and says that it’s funny, but on the way down here, he was thinking how he really wanted to do yoga to break a bit of a rut he’s fallen into, but he had all these excuses…

I go straight over to the cottage because Tuesday is my writing day (yippee!). In 5 hours I get 3 chapters blocked out, and discover a new one hiding. I now have 15 chapters. It feels good to work in this structured way and great to be started, but   it feels slow as well. Everything feels slow at the moment though.

                              Hang washing out.

Mick messages and asks if Jamie can come after school – he’s got an appointment in the afternoon he forgot about. No problem.

I pick the kids up from school, chat to a friend who has had a bad hip, and to the teachers about work. Go home and make kids a deluxe afternoon tea plate and they ride their bikes and wrestle on the trampoline while I do the cleaning I didn’t do this morning.

Alani tells me she went up another level in reading! She’s six and she reads like a 9 year old. Very proud.

                                   Take three loads of washing off the line and fold it.

I get cranky when I find out Alani didn’t eat her lunch and is now pestering me for more food. Nick comments that if I made lunch that they actually liked they might actually eat it. That stung and I get even more crankier; it’s not my favourite job, but I try really hard to make the best lunches that I can. I tell Nick he can make his own lunch this week.

Put together a new yoga sequence to go with the third eye chakra work we did in the meditation group on Saturday and then do it. I’m really happy with it. I get Alani to video me doing a free-standing headstand in the middle of the floor, which is fun to see. I think my bum looks a bit big, and I’m leaning a bit to the left, but still pretty impressive.

                                         Vacuum the floor. 

Alani asks me what we’re having for dinner and I say we have some little chipolata sausages. She tells me she hates every kind of sausage. Nick tells me he loves sausages; I feel what little desire I had to cook dinner ebb away. I just stick the         sausages in the oven for Nick and have a bowl of cereal.

Alani doesn’t want to be in the bathroom by herself while she’s having a shower (Nick and I have already had showers) so I go in there with her so she isn’t scared.

Put Alani to bed – I sit at the end of her bed until she falls asleep – about 10 minutes. Tell Nick to turn off the television – he’s watching Horrible Histories – and go to bed. It’s 8:30pm.

Read blogs before I go to bed. I literally nod off while I’m writing a comment – 9:30pm.

Gough Whitlam is dead. Long live Gough!

A 1972 quote from Gough Whitlam, Australia's much beloved 21st Prime Minister from 1972-1975. It is equally relevant today.
A 1972 quote from Gough Whitlam, Australia’s much beloved 21st Prime Minister from 1972-1975, who passed away at age 98 today. 


  1. It’s the same over here with meal time..no matter what is served, it’s never the right thing for both of them. Frustrating. And I love the idea of your daughter doing the video of you in headstand –seems like that would be a win win for everyone involved. I can totally understand why you’re so exhausted by the end of the day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dal Bhat (rice and lentils) is my biggest howling crowd displeaser at the moment! We are heading to Nepal in Jan next year to live for 6months, so I thought I’d try serving it up once a week, get the kids used to the national dish. Yum I think, kids disagree! I assume the Nepalese can cook it a whole lot better than me, hope so! given we prob eating it for breaky, lunch & dinner over there. Gough – go well.


    • Wow, you’re going to Nepal for 6 months! How exciting 😃. Oh man, dhal and rice – i love that stuff, i could seriously live on it. But my kids? They wouldn’t be so happy 😳. I guess when they get to nepal they will soon get used to it…


  3. You must have many more hours in a day over there in Australia than we have in the U.S.! Your energy is amazing. Reading about your day reminded me of my days as a young mother. I guess I was amazing in those days too. And now I watch my daughters and daughters-in-law and am so impressed with all they do and how much love and energy they give. Your writing is not your only work of art. Your whole life is a work of art.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol 😄 i guess it is amazing what we can fit into a day – squeezing time for myself motivates me. I’m more tired if i don’t make time for myself! And yes, our whole lives are a work of art – thank you for reminding me – and thank you for your beautiful comment 💗


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