A Daily Practice Chart for the Seven Spiritual Laws


In Buddhist psychology, they identify three character types: greedy or desirous, the angry type and the deluded or confused type. When told about this, the greedy type will carefully take in this information, thinking to themselves how useful and valuable this information is and how they will learn everything there is to know about it. The angry type may think to themselves, “How can everybody fit into just three categories? I hate this kind of thing where people try to pigeonhole me!”. The deluded type will feel confused and wonder to themselves, “Which one am I?”

I snorted with laughter when I read this, because people, I am so the greedy type šŸ™‚ If I come across something I like, then I want to know everything about it. Maybe I should call myself the Greedy Mystic! šŸ™‚

On Saturday I reviewed Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Being a greedy type, I of course wanted to know everything about it, and apply it in my own life! For me, something is only of value if it has a practical use, if it can make a difference.

The thing about The Seven Spiritual Laws that resonated with me so much is how familiar it sounded – each law is something that I try and live by, with varying degrees of success. The seven seemed to lend itself naturally to a daily practice, which led me to create a printable chart where I have summarised each law and listed the three ways each law can be practiced. And then, my friends, I wanted to share it with you šŸ™‚


PS To print out a copy for yourself, click on this link: seven laws practice sheet


  1. Sara, Heart thanks for the wonderful Practice Chart… I have just spent the last two days in palliative care with a dear aunty who is dying. Actions & mindfulness relating to your Chart was something I weaved into the each visit. Thus, Sunday – silence was a blessing – the comfort to just be, Non-judgement; ah the gentle gift of openess to self and others pain and realities, and connect with nature was the nourishment much needed as we soaked up the non hospital environs of the nearby park. Monday- the Gifts – was perfect, as this aunt was the bearer of beautiful, unique, creative, inspiring gifts in my childhood and it was lovely to share gifts of poetry in return, in the midst of tears.

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    • Oh dear, sorry, I pressed send accidentally! Blessings to your aunt. I have been working with it this week as well and it really is such a help. Today is the law of least effort, practicing openness and acceptance! Have a lovely day Kate.


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