Weekly Inspiration #22

To say that this week has been challenging for me is to be fairly understated 🙂 If you have missed out on my adventures, check out The Zen of Car Maintenance and Is This the Worst Car Week Ever? However, no matter how challenging a week you might have had, if you pay attention, you will always find something to be inspired about.

Yesterday, I looked out my office window in time to see an Eastern Brown Snake sliding past. I watched it as it went by my window, pausing as two willy wagtails attacked it, and then disappeared into the paddock.

If any animal pays me an unusual visit, I always want to know what message it has for me – and given my hellish week, I am doubly interested. I always seek to understand you see, whether I am in a classroom, talking to a friend or trying to navigate my life. Some people like this about me – I make an interested listener – but others find it challenging, especially people who expect blind obedience and don’t like to be asked or answer questions. I suspect I would have been completely unsuited to army life 🙂

Australian Eastern Brown Snake.
Australian Eastern Brown Snake.

So of course, I looked up the symbolism for the brown snake:

Snake marks the end of one phase of your life and heralds in a new and wiser awakening within yourself. Know that this is a transitional period in your life with new spiritual awakenings knocking at your door. – Spirit Animal Totems

Snake also reminds us to be grounded and to refine our awareness. Be sensitive, and take notice of everything. Bring yourself into the present. Know that sometimes the shedding of your skin can be painful and uncomfortable. This too will pass.

Perhaps I am the only person in the world to be reassured by a snake sighting – the Bear wasn’t so inspired – he immediately remembered a seven foot snake skin he found in the fire pile a few days ago. Tread carefully.

Best Read

What’s Up With This Crazy End of 2014 Energy? by Nicole Cody at Cauldrons and Cupcakes

I found this article insanely comforting and confirming. It’s struggle street in my brain at the moment – there’s shit going down left, right and centre, and I am constantly having to release random bouts of anger, sadness and overwhelm. It might be like that for you too, huh? Read this then 🙂

2015 is fast approaching, and right now we have a perfect opportunity to bring patterns and issues in our life to a place of completion. From now until early February 2015 is a terrific time for endings, closing doors, finishing things up and stepping away from relationships, habits, beliefs and environments that no longer support us.

Tidy up those loose ends. Make the small and the big decisions. Know that sometimes completion is about cleaning up the mess, simplifying, downsizing or choosing to walk away before the job is done, knowing you don’t need what you leave behind…read the rest here.

Best Advice

Your job, your invitation from the Universe, is to give people back to themselves. You can do this every day, in a hundred ways. Why not practice it with the first three people you encounter after reading this? It is really a very easy thing to do — yet it can affect a person mightily. All you have to do is look for the best in that person, and then show it to them, right then and there. Describe it. Admire it. Thank them for it. Do this for three people every day and watch how your whole life can change. At last you will realize what you are doing here. All the rest will be just stuff and nonsense.

– Neale Donald Walsch

Best Listen

Emergence from Radiolab

The program examines the bottom-up logic of cities, Google, and even our very own brains with fire-flyologists, ant experts, neurologists, a mathematician, and an economist. This is a fascinating podcast which looks at the science of Emergence , which originally began with studying insects such as fire flies, ants and bees, to try and figure out how such brainless individuals collectively make such intelligent communities.Of course, there are some wonderful parallels with democracy as we know it…but a story that really pricked my interest was this:

A man (an English Lord, actually, who was utterly convinced that only the higher classes should be the only ones to vote) took a trip to the country and observed a guessing competition, where a bunch of villagers attempted to guess the weight of an ox. Nobody did guess the weight, but this man was curious, so he tallied all the guesses together and averaged them out. Guess what? While individually nobody guessed the exact weight, the collective guess was astonishingly accurate – the ox weighed 1087 pounds and the average guess came in 1088. This experiment has been repeated many times with similar results. Interesting huh?

Best Words

From Pema Chodron's When Things Fall Apart app...
From Pema Chodron’s When Things Fall Apart app…
My friends, that is all from me this week. I can only hope that this time next week I shall have shed my skin and be happily sliding on my way 🙂


  1. Hello Sara, I haven’t played with snakes for many years, but I’m very enamored of squirrels and chipmunks who sit outside my window waiting for me. I’ve been following their families for years. They used to sit on the fence outside my door and wait for my dog and cat to sit on a chair looking at them. They would sit for hours just enjoying each others company. What does your source have to say about squirrels?


    • Hi David, hey, thanks for your question – we don’t get squirrels where I live, so I was interested to find out what they symbolise. I tend to look for the unusual when I look for meanings, but there is no reason why the every day encounter wouldn’t be significant either – in fact, it could be more significant! Squirrels symbolise the need to have more fun and to lighten up….


    • Thank you Nihar – I must say I feel like snake with all if its old skin off and all if its new skin, tender to touch and very vulnerable…the snake is certainly a lovely symbol if you choose to set it that way 🙂 .

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sara, it was indeed a nice comparison to situations that you described with the car and how things have changed thereafter.. yes, much like the shedding of the old skin and getting the new skin… a new thought, a new beginning, there is always good things in life after those little struggles…
        happy days ahead…


  2. My son’s teacher plays Radiolab for their class, and I’m loving the concepts (and vocabulary) my 9 year old is coming home with. My favorite podcast these days is Dharma Punx. It’s Buddhist. These principles are making a lot of sense for me right now. Love your idea of finding the message from the animal. Is this something you do every time you see an animal? Or only the rare ones. I just saw a white tailed deer over the weekend…which is a pretty rare sight for these eyes.


    • No, not every time I see an animal, because I see so many 🙂 Just something that strikes me as unusual, or really attracts my attention for some reason.
      There are so many great radio shows, so much to podcast, especially now that we’re global – and I listen to almost none of them! I should set it up so I can listen to them in the car…


    • Diana, thank you. Of course things will get better…my only hope is that it’s very soon! I think the thing I’m finding most hard to deal with is the loss of faith in myself…but I am nothing if not resilient 🙂 Have a lovely week xo


  3. “Interesting times” as they say, but there’s usually a message and a reason for those interesting times, if we take the time consider, as you do.
    The best words “working with chaos” resonate with me, and the best advice too; I keep reminding myself difficult times/people (and brown snakes 😦 ) are part of life and positive attitudes-behaviors rather than tedious benefit all concerned.
    The “crazy end of 2014 energy” is inspiring me to tidy up practically, sorting cupboards & stuff, and get organized for the coming year although much of both remains -still- in the planning stages, in my head and on paper… But I’m learning the value of that incubating period, I’m not very patient but having the opportunity to plan change and make choices rather than react has merit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The value of the incubating period…yes, the fertile ground of emptiness as a friend says. No, I am only just now, at 38, coming to grips with the idea that I do not have to make an action. When I need to act, I will know, and until then, let it all unfold. Or else 🙂


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