Weekly Inspiration #25

What a week! We’ve really had it all, haven’t we? On Monday we had the fifth of six astrological clash of the titans – Uranus square Pluto – and I can tell you, this astrology is not for the faint hearted. It’s breaking apart, cracking open, fierce and unexpected energy, rare and a massive game changer. The first square occurred in mid-2012, but it could be said it all really started when Pluto moved into Capricorn, at the same time the Lehman Brothers collapsed in the US. In an even bigger picture, this whole cycle could be said to have begun in 1965, when Pluto and Uranus met at the same degree in Virgo.

On the same day of this astrological square, coincidentally we had a crazed gun man hold a shop full of patrons hostage in Sydney and a terrible massacre of children in Pakistan. These events are opportunties for us to open our hearts, to be compassionate and connected…or they are opportunities for us to close our hearts, harden up with hate and retreat. Humans are strange creatures, quite beyond understanding sometimes, and worse, some of us are completely insane, inside insane structures which reinforce that madness. I am not sure what kind of people could kill 132 children nor how they are able to justify it in their minds and hearts. I am not sure what kind of a man could hold 20 terrified people hostage for 17 hours and kill two of them. I know this though – those kind of people are insane. They have lost touch with their hearts and their souls and descended into madness. We owe it to humanity to not follow them there with thoughts, words and deeds of hate.

Hold the light, my friends.

At the other end of the week – school has finished for the summer, as has my job. The children received good reports and some lovely end of year awards and praise. I will have more work at the school next year, which makes me very happy, and everybody loved the year book that the children and I created. In the last week I have touched base with almost all of my favourite people around me – and the couple that I haven’t seen, I soon will. It feels like all the loose ends have been attended to, a wonderful feeling.

How has your week finished? Are you ready for Christmas?

Best Short Read

(or The Joy of Letting Go)

By Tosha Silver
In Sanskrit, tapas means the suffering you feel as you learn to surrender to the Divine. It’s the cosmic fire that burns away the impurities that make us chase, manipulate, and grab. Tapas can be painful as all heck cuz it’s actually the purification of the ego. But as the small self offers itself to that Divine flame, over and over, it begins to let go, like a hard fist that opens.

Or a flower.

In Spanish, tapas are another deal. You know, they’re those little dishes from Spain that are so delicious 🙂

Last spring when I was in Mexico, someone suggested I go to the far edge of town to a tapas bar run by a renowned chef from Barcelona. She said for thirteen dollars you could get his ‘special’ and taste the whole menu.

Well, I hiked all the way out there, and when I arrived it had just opened for lunch and was still empty. I was excited to order that special.

But the waiter said brusquely, shaking his head, “No, no, senora, absolutamente not! Too much work, we can only make for two people.”

“Ok,” I answered, “No problema, I understand. It is a lot of work!” I was a little disappointed and hungry after that trek, but I didn’t really care. In the big scope of things, it didn’t matter. So I just offered it all to the Divine. And I asked the guy if they could make me ‘whatever’ for the same cost. I said I trusted him to pick.

He was gone a long, long time. I started to wonder if they’d totally forgotten me.

Then suddenly the waiter returned, beaming, and carrying a huge tray of tapas, each one a tiny, perfect gift. A few mushrooms grilled with garlic, a couple sauteed pink shrimp, a miniature Spanish omelet, a little seared tuna, a ruby-red tomato salad, a bite of roasted monkfish, some spicy potatoes with salty olives, exquisitely charred calamari, on and on.

And on.

Each dish was more delectable than the one before, a culinary aria to Abundance.

“Wow! Que paso?” I asked. “What on earth happened? I thought you said no!”

“Well,” he said. “You were so relaxed about it and didn’t complain, so we figured why the heck not?” He started laughing, “ An American who didn’t complain, Dios mio, oh how we loved that! Once we started making them, we couldn’t stop!”

I swooned my way through the first platter and then… oh my god, he arrived with another! I was so full I couldn’t take another bite so I brought the second batch home for a Mexican friend.

Which just goes to show, sometimes (even often) when you TOTALLY let go, stop bitching, moaning, and pushing, give it ALL to the Divine.. and have NO idea what the freakin hell might happen next, you get more–much, much more–than you EVER could imagine.

Even with tapas 🙂

Best Christmas Watch

Guys, you know I’m not much of a watcher – I’m slow to pick up on the good stuff, and often I miss it altogether because I have my nose in a book or my fingers tapping away on the keyboard. Even for me though, this 2003 movie constitutes dropping the ball in a big way – do you mean that I have missed out on 11 Christmases where I could have watched this movie? On Thursday night, a magical alchemy occurred where I had the whole house to myself for more than 24 hours. I know. I was under strict instructions to rest, not work. I am very obedient, so I did just that :). A movie popped into my head, as they do from time to time – Love Actually. I didn’t even know who was in it, only that it was a Christmas movie about 8 couples. When I saw the cast – Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and on and on…I knew I was going to love it. Eight stories, eight couples and Christmas. Funny, sad, romantic and very well played. Gorgeous stories, delicious character development and just a joy to watch, from start to finish. I’ve never really had a favourite Christmas movie before, and now I do – what’s yours?

Best Graphic

It really says it all, doesn't it?
It really says it all, doesn’t it?

Best Blog Post

Editor’s Picks of the Year

This is a great end of year post by the WordPress People, featuring what they consider are the best posts for the year. Like me, you might come back to this post a couple of times, not only because of the fine writing, but because what they write about is different to what I normally read, and it piqued my interest. Well worth a look.

Best Yoga

MYOGA Freedom Online Yoga School

My yoga practice had become…stale and verging on non-existent over the past month. Busyness, stress and exhaustion, rather than being a trigger for me to practice more yoga, had resulted in less. I wanted to reinvigorate my practice, had been thinking about ways to do it, and then I saw this on a friend’s page yesterday. MYOGA is an online school run by yoga teacher Melissa Billington. If you choose to, you can enrol for the entire program, which goes for 2 years and 3 months – or you can go month by month. It starts at the basics which is a six month course, then it takes the student into yoga for the seasons and chakras, and after that a series of flow sequences. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I signed up – the first four weeks are free. This morning will be my third practice – just the basics: breath, feet, hands, a simple mantra – and I’ve got a friend coming over to share the process with me. The course is crafted for beginners and experienced yogis alike – I am neither, but I am enjoying returning to the basics.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to go and get ready for that yoga practice, so I’m going to love you and leave you 🙂 Have a beautiful week, won’t you…and the next time I write here, Christmas will have already passed…omg 🙂

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  1. It’s okay, I only discovered Love Actually about two years ago and quite enjoyed the British humor/style of the whole movie. Everyone I knew always talked about it but for some reason, I tend to shy away from the very things that have everyone talking until it cools down. In this case, it only took me about 10 years to see why Love Actually is so popular. 😀
    I’m relieved the week is winding down and am looking forward to sleeping and eating my heart out. I’ve been absolutely ravenous at work for most of this week (which usually signals a particular time of the month unfortunately). Happy early holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve been ravenous as well! I thought it was because I’d finally slowed down enough to think about food…and thank goodness you were a late Love Actually discoverer as well! I think it’s the hype thing for me as well – there’s a part of me that thinks if there has to be hype, then it can’t be good. A good overall assumption, but some gems surely slip through :). Merry Christmas Lillian, it’s been a big year!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sara, an intense week indeed. The news these days is out of control. I watch what is going on with disbelief. How could we have reached this level of sheer craziness? In my moments of fear / worry I try to remind myself to keep on. Or as you so eloquently put it…to hold the light. I wish you a wonderful holiday, my friend. x x

    Liked by 1 person

    • You too Elysha – I know, it’s wild out there, but not all is bad. We just need to pay attention and beauty will assail us from all directions. Hey, and while I think of it, thank you for being such a wonderful support this year. I really, really appreciate it xo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy vacation! I love the tapas story- so poignant. Now I’m going to have to find Love Actually and actually watch it. It was one of those movies that I watched the advertising for and never saw it. Seeing that it came out in 2003, I know why I didn’t see it; my son was just one and never stopped moving from the moment he woke up until he very begrudgingly fell asleep at night (with one short nap). It was during the time he wore me out. Thanks for the link to the best blog posts. I subscribe to one of the bloggers, but had missed his post, and now went and read it (Don of all Trades). It was excellent. Have a very merry Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I know what you mean about babies and toddlers putting a halt to movie watching, and thank you for reminding me, because that’s exactly what has happened to me. I had my eldest son in 2004, and my daughter in 2008 – and it seemed to be the end of adult watching, at least for me! I couldn’t stay awake long enough after they went to bed :). Anyway, we can do it now. Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful comments, and have a beautiful Christmas xo


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