Weekly Inspiration #29

As I write this, I am in my brother’s house. It is early – the sun hasn’t broken the horizon – but the sky is light. In one of those minor miracles of life, we have been transplanted from our home, surrounded by farmland and sky, to a coastal suburb in a different state. We are on an adventure πŸ™‚

Today will be a day dedicated to the children – we are off to play in the Theme Parks that are almost de rigueur in these parts, and indeed, if you are a kid, our parts as well. In another one of these minor miracles, our good friend and his two sons who live down the road from us, just happened to be driving up on the same day, as well as going to the same place we are today. That’s the boys sorted, always the most difficult bit in my opinion :).

We are not there yet, though – for now the silence settles still upon our house, although the world outside is awakening. I pied currawong 01can hear the ever-present hum of traffic and the chatter of bats, drawn here by heavily laden mango street trees. There is a Currawong perched on the fence outside the window – he sat with his back to me, with his head swivelled to the side, regarding me through his golden eye, before abruptly flying off on other business. When I go looking for the symbolism of the Currawong, I find this:

Currawongs teach us how to find magic in the suburbs, instead of going out ‘into nature’ to find it.

Don’t you love it?

imageLast night we had dinner in the backyard under a giant Poinciana tree, one of my very favourite trees of all. There were candles and children, good food and laughter. We were sharing our “stress points” – the times that we know our stress levels rise. For my sister in law it is being punctual. For me, it is getting ready to go away. The day before we leave, I feel I must have the house and car completely spotless, the washing done and the fridge cleaned out before I can even think about packing. Now that I think about it, it’s the packing that is the stress point for me – I worry that I will forget something vital that will ruin the holiday. I am forgetful by nature, so this is by no means a baseless concern. I have a history of being so stressed on the day before we leave, that the Bear has “keep Sara happy” on his list of things to do. As it happened, I did forget my phone. πŸ˜€

What is your stress point?

Best Short Read

12 Historical Women Who Gave No F*cks

women who give no fucks

Have you ever noticed that there are themes that arise each week? Not giving a fuck about things that don’t matter, giving a fuck about things that do – and knowing the difference – is something that I have noticed as a theme in my travels this week. As you would expect, there is a language warning on this article πŸ™‚

Best Words to Live By

Be present.
Make love.
Make tea.
Avoid small talk. Embrace conversation.
Buy a plant, water it.
Make your bed. Make someone else’s bed.
Have a smart mouth, and quick wit.
Make art. Create.
Swim in the ocean. Swim in the rain.
Take chances. Ask questions. Make mistakes.
Know your worth.
Love fiercely. Forgive quickly.
Let go of what doesn’t make you happy.

– Paulo Coelho

Best Short Watch

This gorgeous girl is Maya Penn, a 14 year oldΒ philanthropist, environmental activist, entrepreneur, eco-designer, inspirational speaker, artist, animator, coder, illustrator, and writer. Because why the hell not? In the video she is only 12. If this is the future, it sure is bright.

Best Graphic

Art by Tracy Verdugo
Art by Tracy Verdugo

I am keeping it short this week my friends – I hope you don’t mind. Blessings to you all <3.

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  1. The bird meaning is too much — you’ve clearly got someone speaking directly to you! As for my stress points — I’ve got a bunch πŸ™‚ Clutter in the apartment is probably the most frequent one that pops up. I’ll literally feel the mess sitting on my shoulders!

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    • Yes…if i am busy for a couple of days and let the housework drop, I feel that pressure! And yes, of course the Universe is speaking directly to me, as it does to everyone – we just have to listen πŸ™‚


  2. Hello, Sara. Last week temperature here was -35 F wind chill; today soared to plus 45. Enjoyed all your posts as usual, but wanted in particular to comment on your writing itself, as I have before. I very much like the ease with which you write, and the rhythms of your prose. Very musical and soothing, like a delicate piano music. I’d like to know more about what other writing you’ve done and are doing..

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    • I love our global weather reports πŸ™‚ Here in sunny Queensland where we are holidaying, temperatures are up around 40C in the day and are not dropping much below 25C at night. I have have never been so grateful for air conditioning before! Can you believe we are even living on the same planet?
      David, I am a poet at heart, and I have always thought and written in a poetic way. Maybe that accounts for my rhythmic and whimsical prose. In May I won first prize in a petty competition, and I love performance poetry (maybe one day I will be brave enough to have a go). I have written all my life, for myself, as well as being a wide and thorough reader, so I feel very confident expressing myself with words and with my voice.
      In my writing work I create newsletters, content for websites and put together school magazines. I have worked in social media but omg that sucks the very life out of my very marrow. What I am working on at the moment is a workbook on practical spirituality, for women who want to develop their spiritual life within the world, incorporating it within their everyday life. This is the most ambitious of my writing projects to date!


      • Sara,
        Talk about a sensual poem: I was breathless–“soft grass,” rain sliding off her skin, running down her body, emotions wild in her, silky skin, smooth hair, “lush and juicy.” Really quality writing, Whenever a “stranger” appears in a work, you know something interesting is going to happen– “the Rainmaker.” A poem of rejuvenation..

        When you use the word “practical” as in a handbook of “practical spirituality” I light up–pragmatic, useful. I don’t know that much about Australians, but Americans are pragmatists. In fact, Pragmatism is our native philosophy, invented by an American, William James.. If you can’t do something with the knowledge, can’t turn it to action, what’s the good of it? That’s particularly true of people where I come from–the Middle West of the country who are different than people from anywhere else here, and recognized to be. So if ever you visit here, pass through the west coast or the east as quickly as you can and head to the center where you’ll feel at home.

        I would very much like to read the handbook.

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      • Thank you David ❀️
        Pragmatic is such a good word – and invented by an American! I didn’t know that. To me, pragmatism means total acceptance of reality. That makes it a very spiritual word in my opinion πŸ™‚ To first change anything, we must first accept how things are. And you are right – what use is unapplied knowledge? I like the sound of your mid-western people. Is Michigan in the mid west? I have very good friends who live there.
        I really enjoy our weekly chats. Have a lovely week!


      • . Michigan is very definitely in the mid-west. I can see its western shore from beaches here on Lake Michigan some sunny summer days. They’re a very hardy bunch–walk out into the cold with no overcoat. Let’s not forget Chuang Tzu who said, “To know and to do are one and the same.” I hope you too have a lovely week–and I’m sure you will.

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  3. Wonderful that you are off playing. Fun for the kids and fun for the big kids too I hope.
    What a wonderful reminder from the Currawong. We have a couple resident here in our inner-city street. They are cheeky buggers. A great reminder.
    I like to do a tidy up before I leave the house, for the day or for a week! Hate walking in the door to mess. As Paul Coelho says “make your bed” πŸ™‚

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    • Exactly! I like to leave the house clean when I leave to go anywhere as well, but the longer we go away for, the more jobs there are to do! I wouldn’t normally clean the kid’s bedrooms before I go into town for instance πŸ™‚
      The currawong is a wonderful reminder; I was amazed at how apt it was.


  4. Lovely thoughts Sara, the read, the watch and the words…yes so many little things we can do and make ourselves feel better…a small vacation and a get-together with friends, relatives and family is all that is needed to break away from the routines and make it more interesting and engaging…
    A walk in the park, a conversation with friends and a good read can change our thoughts and make our living better when we are in a fix or not able to think and do something different…love the Graphic.

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    • Yes, I love to go places that I’ve never been before. If I’m with people I love, all the better! We’re on our way home this morning. I’m glad you liked the graphic too xo


      • Yes, it is always great to be around friends and families when we are on outing, it makes the gathering more fun and of course different places we keep exploring new things, and change is the force once we accept it, it drives us and there is progress all around…nothing better way to learn than being with people and travelling different places…

        Happy Travelling Sara…

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  5. Wow, what a dinner under the stars, Sara. And such an interesting conversation about stress. I love the list of living advice. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Signature. Aside from the two places I thought the writing could’ve been better (I know, I know. Chase me out of WPress, HW who dared not shut her editor’s eye on the great E Gilbert), it was such an impressively VAST work. On many levels. I appreciated the subthemes of death, knowing, being known. And the drama with the love triangle and secrets was so Korean (although I’m not very Korean, it vaguely resonated). I related to Alma in many ways. Though not a science buff, she reflected my thirst for knowledge. I’ve borrowed “Committed”. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Diana, I am so glad you enjoyed Signature πŸ™‚ It occurs to me that you read much more deeply and critically than I do (I suspect that you think much deeply and more critically than I do as well). I find it difficult to analyse and enjoy something at the same time, although I like that facility in others πŸ™‚
      I enjoyed Committed, mostly because I am fascinated with gender politics, which of course marriage is a product of.

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