Change – a poem


Change doesn’t come the way you think it should.
You never know if she is going to scoot
in like aΒ new puppy, or kick your damn
door in with a steel-toed boot.

However she appears, change comes:
and she doesn’t care who you are,
what you do for a living or
the make of your car.

Puppy or boot –
it hardly seems to matter
when change is served up to you
with a kiss and a clatter.

A long held dream,
a brand new love,
a new place to live
on the wings of a dove.

A heart ripped to pieces;
Irrefutable proof.
Your savings evaporated:
A shock fall off the roof.

You can rage and shout
and shake your fist at the sky;
you can wail “why me?”
or crawl under the covers and cry.

Or you can stand up straight,
tilt your chin and square your chest.
You’ll need a calm mind and
an open heart to surf this crest.

Where do you start, what do you do?
Overwhelm comes easy here, it’s true.
Do the thing that’s right in front;
and when that’s done do the next one too.

All the skills you thought you needed –
independence, planning and attitude,
sit unused as you cultivate your heart,
polish your soul and grow gratitude.

The way ahead appears piece by piece,
lit up briefly like glimpses of the moon
through trees from the car window.
You can’t see the big picture yet – soon.

And then one bright day you’ll look around,
and the life that looked so unknown,
so damn scary and friendless…
now looks like home.

– Sara Foley


  1. Wonderful crafted thoughts. Indeed change is such mystical aspect of life and living, and it is inevitable. There is no rule or norm change follows, as rightly said it comes with its own terms and comes at its own will and time, and we cannot always define the nature and quantum of change.

    Change is something we cannot escape, the only way to face is, getting to know the different way to handle it and adapt it into our life. Since we don’t have control on the change that happens to us, trying avoid can only complicate the matters,it is better to face it and face it with courage and calm.

    Change is the harbinger of surprises and new things in life.

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  2. It’s such a funny and strange process isn’t it? And it’s not until we are able to look back and compare where we were to where we are now, that we can even recognize change. I am constantly of the mindset that something wonderful could drop into my lap at any moment, and change everything. (I’ve already had the sudden and unexpected things that were not wonderful, and I’ve decided that stuff is over). Wonderful poem.

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    • You’ve decided have you πŸ™‚ My mother always used to say never say never!
      I must say, I quite enjoy change, although the actual mechanism can be quite challenging and even unpleasant. I don’t feel the need to micromanage change like I did when I was younger, and consequently, my discomfort is not as unpleasant or long lasting….funnily enough πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed the poem πŸ™‚

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  3. Very nice poetic interlude with some interesting bits to ‘chew’ over. Thank you for sharing this Sara. I keep meaning to say, I’m so glad your second Dad is doing so well. I read your last post and then became seriously distracted before getting to comment. Wonderful news, hoping he makes a full recovery.

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    • Oh me too! He is doing so well – charming the nurses, engaging the doctors and trying to talk himself out of hospital already πŸ™‚
      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem xo


  4. Sara, a lovely poem full of wonderment, optimism, hope, and good spirits–a joy to read. Made me think of the so-many twists and turns in my own life.

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  5. Excellent poem… had me smiling and nodding all the way through… particularly at the imagery of the first 4 lines! I’ve been on the receiving end of steel-toed boot change.
    And the last 4 lines are a wonderful perspective. Each morning as part of my daily connecting with the Universe, I ask for “any change with grace and ease”.
    During a particular steel-toed boot type life-change I found a Bach Flower Remedy (Walnut, I believe) I bought at a healing centre in Glebe to be very useful in helping me let go and move forward.
    After a lifetime of changes what I now find useful is accepting change is inevitable; and even if testing, it has the merit as you describe of the feeling of accomplishment in dealing with change positively.
    The poem has a lovely cheerful cadence which will make it easy for me to recollect its essence as I navigate future changes.

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    • Thank you Dale – it was so nice to meet you face to face the other day!
      Flower essences are wonderful aren’t they? My mother is a naturopath, and has been for nearly all of my life, so I grew up on flower essences :). Rescue remedy, which has walnut in it, is so wonderful in times of change. I should talk about them one day soon, actually – thanks for planting that seed πŸ™‚
      I’m glad you liked the poem – I don’t write that many poems, but I am a poet through and through, so it’s lovely that people like it xo


    • Thanks Georgia. I think the trick is to view change as an opportunity for adventure rather than a threat…an adventure that brings us home to a more authentic version of ourselves. That’s the idea anyway!


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