The Long Road


To you, my dear friend, on Mother’s Day.
I know that motherhood is harder than you thought it would be,
and that maybe you aren’t the mother you thought you might be.
I know you wonder sometimes if you’re doing it all wrong – that
you aren’t patient, loving, giving, disciplined, brave or determined enough.
I know that sometimes you look at the state of your house, your bank balance,
your job, your car that needs this or that fixing and the lawn that needs mowing,
and it all just feels so overwhelming.
I know too that you worry about your children – are they making friends, are they fit and
strong enough, are they doing well at school, are they healthy and kind. are other people
kind to them – and how much is too much when it come to social media and screen time.
It never ends.
I know you’re frightened for them and the pain they’re certain to face, one way or another
here on Earth School.
I also know that you’re worried because your life is ticking by so fast, too fast – and you’re
wondering if that something special inside you, that’s just yours, will ever see the light of day.
How do I know all this?
Because I am a mother, just like you.
Just like you I worry that I am doing it all wrong, I’m overwhelmed, I worry about my children
endlessly, and my life seems to be slipping alarmingly fast through my fingers.
Motherhood is the long road and we all walk it together, even if sometimes we feel like we
are walking alone. You are not alone.
And for all those times that you have walked beside me on the long road, I thank you.
I could never have made it so far without you.

– Sara (2015)


  1. Sara, what a wonderful message for Mother’s Day. Yes, it is the hardest, most important, and most wonderful job we have ever had to do. And thank goodness for the support of our own mothers and all our friends, including online friends. I remember years ago, when I first became a mom, a friend said to me,”We all wonder how we are going to do in our role as mothers, until we become mothers and realize there isn’t any role; it’s just us.” Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday.

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    • Thank you so much ❤️ My mother friends saved me again and again, especially when my children were under 5. I feel such gratitude for them. We were all changing endless nappies, dealing with tantrums and sleepless nights together.


  2. Just beautiful and the power of your messaging is all permeating and very profound.
    There is no word to describe the beauty and sacrifice of mother…we all take our mother for granted and only when we pause and give a deep reflection we realize what she has done for us…
    I don’t still have a word to describe the role of mother.

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  3. Happy Mother’s Day, Sara. On my way with my wife–mother of four and grandmother of eight–to spend a happy day celebrating with my daughter who’s a mother and daughters-in-law who are, and thinking of my mother. My mother was the center of our home–kept it in balance; kept love flowing. What strikes me about what you say about mothers’ hopes and worries is that it pertains–I can tell you–to father’s as well. But this is the day to celebrate mothers. Every word rings true.

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    • Oh yes! Of course it applies to fathers as well…I was actually wondering yesterday how I would word it differently (or even if I would) if I was to write about fatherhood. I think that perhaps men rely less on other fathers for counsel and support than women do with their mother friends. We network and create groups really naturally, especially in those first 5 years.
      I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, honouring all of the women who are mothers in your life.


  4. The heart ache and heart full aspects of motherhood Beautifully expressed.  It will go alongside your other inspiring parenting/mothering sharings that echo helpfully around my parenting pondering mind.  Many thanks on this mothers day where due to dave volunteer work I had to create the spirit inwardly and generate the specialness on my own.  And I did it too, no grumbles,  resentment or blah.  Just an appreciation of the kids and I as we went about the challenges of our day (local bus ride into kathmandu- always requiring of energy).

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