The Goop Questionnaire

I came across this little questionnaire at Being Rudri during last week’s online meanderings and thought to myself that it was a charming, yet simple mid week blog idea. Feel free to use this idea on your own blog or even answer some questions in the comments section <3.

Go-to weeknight recipe?
Pasta. It’s simple, quick, everyone likes it and I can pack a whole lot of vegies in it. Our favourites are tuna pasta (with capers, olives, fetta, broccoli and spring onions), spaghetti bolognaise, spicy tomato and bacon and something called Pasta Primavera (Spring pasta), the recipe for which came out of my much loved but dilapidated copy of The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Actually, why don’t I share the recipe here – it’s easy, healthy and a crowd pleaser, which in my view are the three essential ingredients for a weeknight recipe.

3 tbl each: butter and olive oil I cup minced onion
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 tsp salt and lots of freshly ground pepper
1 tsp dried basil
4 cups diced vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, peas, beans, carrot, capsicum, mushrooms) 3 tbl tamari sauce (sounds weird, but go with it)
1 pkt of dried pasta
1 cup of parsley, freshly minced
4-6 shallots, sliced
Grated parmesan to serve

In a large, heavy frypan cook the onions and garlic in combined butter and oil, with salt, pepper and basil, until onions are soft (5-8 minutes). Add firm vegetables, stir, cover and let simmer until tender (8-10 minutes). Add other vegetables, stir and cook over medium heat for a couple of minutes. Remove from heat and stir in tamari sauce. Keep warm. Cook the pasta in plenty of boiling water, drain and immediately add the sauce with all of its liquid. As you toss the mixture, sprinkle in shallots and parsley. Serve with parmesan.

First job?
I wish I could wipe the first four years of my employment history off, but I can’t (and I don’t really want to, it just took that long to research what it was that I didn’t want to do). So, my first job was when I had finished highschool, in the summer holidays before I started university (the first time). My best friend and I, the two greenest country girls you have ever seen, were staying at my Dad’s house in inner city Sydney. I got a job at Dagwood Dog, a hamburger shop at Darling Harbour. Hoo boy, was that place an education.ย Anyway.

Next Job?
Sigh. Alright, seeing as you asked so nicely, my next job was a checkout chick at Coles in the Lake Macquarie town of Toronto. I had quit University (Environmental Science) and had moved in with my boyfriend and his mother. I had just turned 18. I worked at Coles for the next three years in the Variety section (clothes, toys, stationery etc) and then the Delicatessen. It was frustrating and miserable, but it enabled me to move back to Sydney with a job three years later when I studied Homeopathy and Nutrition, as well as giving me a good grounding in retail which helped me out when I worked in Health food shops for the next part of my life.

My mother has been my mentor my whole life, always there with wisdom, love and understanding. She has the ability to tell me that I’ve gone off track or had an error in my thoughts or actions without me feeling defensive, which believe me, is a rare art. My close friends are also my mentors, as are some of the lovely people in my writing group.

Taylors Arm, on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia.

What would you put on your neon sign? 11809822_861521760591537_1816287396_n

Wouldn’t leave home without?ย 
My purse, lip gloss, keys, sunglasses.

Essential beauty products?
Lip gloss, mascara, moisturiser, something to spike my hair with ๐Ÿ™‚

Wouldn’t fly without?
Luggage, something to read, something to listen to.

Things you buy in bulk?
Food: spelt flour, rapadura sugar, coconut, muesli, oats, honey etc. Also: grain for the chickens and dog food.

Favourite Books?
Huh. The original impossible question.
Life Changing:ย The Power of Now;ย The Artist’s Way;ย Outrageous Openness.
Novels: The Outlander Series;ย Shantaram;ย The Boudica Series.
Memoir:ย A Year Without Matches;ย Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life;ย Wild. Classics:ย Emma, Middlemarch, Count of Monte Cristo, Uncle Tom’s Cabin… And on…

First Celebrity Crush?
Tom Cruise ๐Ÿ™‚

Favourite Movies?
This is hard, because movies don’t stay in my head, but… Amelie, When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually, The Lunchbox and Four Weddings and a Funeral are a few that come to mind.ย Do you sense a theme here or what?

People on Speed Dial?
The Bear, my Mum, Harry.

Preferred form of exercise?
Yoga and walking.

Drink of choice?
Coffee, tea, chai and water. I like cider for a summer alcoholic drink and a velvety Cabernet Merlot in the winter.

Proudest Moment?
When I finally took hold of my own life and steered it in the direction that I wanted to go. Developing a regular home yoga practice was part of that, as was writing and studying.

A Perfect Sunday afternoon?

One of 27 versions: at home, house clean, lawn mowed, dinner taken care of…sitting on the verandah and reading, talking with the Bear, hanging with the kids.

Over to you <3.


  1. Wow. I could copy and paste about half of your answers as my own. Scary. Okay, maybe a third, but a generous third. This was a fun mid-week post, thank you. Have a lovely (warm–ahem) rest of the week. Cold wind here so I know you are about to cop it! x

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      • Mentor: Mother and a professional man when I started my career; Pasta Primavera (when I could eat pasta); Travel gear same, but I would add camera which is my iPhone and since I also listen to music on it, same device; Favourite exercise used to be Yoga now is walking; Yes to your Neon sign; The Power of Now for life changing books; Wouldn’t leave Home without same; Drinks of choice exactly same, even the cider in Summer… I didn’t count but that must be about a third. It’s good to give thought to these things, but also, it changes all the time. xx

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  2. Such questionnaires are fun because they often illustrate how like attracts like… My answers would also include sunglasses, lip gloss-balm, Outlander novels, Animal Vegetable Miracle, The Lunchbox, coffee, water, tea and something to read.
    Things I buy in bulk made me laugh… the answer for me within the limitations of our small apartment is far too many things. I will do almost anything to avoid paying postage or delivery fees and/or ensure we have stocks of essentials… tea, coffee, honey, wine, macadamias to name just a few…
    I doubt many of us had illustrious first jobs… mine unpaid was working in my Dad’s automotive repair garage. and paid working as a waitress/kitchen hand at a country service station cafรฉ.

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    • Exactly Dale – and it is sometimes enlightening to see the areas in which we overlap.
      We don’t have much room either, but some things just make sense to buy in bulk, like olive oil and toilet paper ๐Ÿ™‚ I like to keep stocked up on things too, though probably for different reasons than you :).
      As for first jobs, I know most are on par with mine, but it was such a miserable time in my life. I just couldn’t find my people in Newcastle and it didn’t help that my job sucked ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Great answers Sara, my go to quick meal is scrambled eggs, my first job was a Christmas gift pack maker, favourite movies are mostly darker than yours – I like horror, disaster and tragedy, though I do like a good old-fashioned movie like An Affair to Remember or Roman Holiday!


      • I’ve always liked horror novels and movies and I think it’s the combination of the ‘magical’ and the characters – I prefer my horror to be paranormal rather than human and there has to be a level of characterisation. And I love disaster movies, again I think it’s the combination of what the characters have to pit themselves against plus nature at its most ferocious! As for tragedy, well, I’ve always liked a poignant story ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not all doom and gloom though, I do like a feel good movie too, though I rarely watch comedy!


      • Thank you Andrea :). The Bear loves disaster movies as well as all kinds of other things which are very challenging to my need for feel good watching :). When I think of horror, I immediately thought of Nightmare on Elm street and that kind of genre, but maybe you’re talking Stephen King and Clive Barker type paranormal horror. I’ve never enjoyed being frightened :). Isn’t it wonderful how different we all are!


      • You made me think more about what I like about it and I think my favourite thing about these type of movies are those where a disparate group of people end up coming together to overcome whatever crisis / evil takes place, I do love King and Barker but I also love George R Romero’s zombie movies among others. I tend not to get scared by them ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Yes, I think that’s what the Bear enjoys too. Zombies are an interesting phenomenon aren’t they? Do you watch Game of Thrones? The white walkers are terrifying. I’ve had to stop watching it becuase I can’t stand the violence.


      • No, not a fan of fantasy type stuff, but we do watch The Walking Dead. I do get bored with a lot of modern horror, like the ‘torture porn’ genre which is just out to shock with the level of violence – I want a proper story and some meaning to it.


  4. Ah the tricky bit of feeling like writing, reading when it coincides with kids wake up time and need-food-now energies…my 4 yo joins me for this little sharing, until – smile, love it – my husband comes to the rescue….

    Wouldn’t leave home without? Actually I leave home all the time without what I need, I am known for traveling light, so, no wallet, no water, no sunglasses is common. However the days I do take the moment to grab these things – the benefits are soooo good.

    Mentor: Nature, mother nature. Wild places.

    Fav Books: currently listening to Tim Winton’s ‘Dirt Music’ on audio book – love revisiting this special book in this special way. William McInnes is the narrator and he captures those ‘bloke west Australian colloquial character image’ voice perfectly.

    First job: Lucky lucky me, love all jobs thus far: university days job was lifeguaring (pool and surf) which I loved. First job out of uni: outdoor team member in a wilderness therapy education program (loved it), next job: similar to first at a grass roots community organisation, loved it even more. Next: Mother of a job. I also sold pearls in Broome as part of a round Australia pre-kids adventure with my husband – very out of character/context…the photos of me decked out all white and pearly are hilarious. Next job: Now that is the currently conundrum…

    Essential beauty products: splash of water and hair tie to scoop up crazy curls out of the way. Such approaches to beauty somewhat a dilemma in Nepal where Hindu influenced women heavily made up even to work the fields, bright colours and sometimes beautiful (sometimes way too much red lipstick!). Me, travel weary and no makeup in my possession, highly vulnerable to the women making me up (again sometimes beautiful, sometimes way too much red lipstick!)

    Gotta go now, thanks for inspiring!

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    • I love your Mother Nature mentor. Oh, me too. Wonderful!
      I mostly wear no make up – but on occasion I feel the need to make a little bit more of my features. The over made up look is odd, and the need to always wear make up is strange too, and a little sad.
      The quiet of having no children at home on a Sunday morning is quite amazing. Enjoy your little patch of peace while you can!
      PS you’re so lucky to love all of your jobs – or maybe not lucky so much, but smart ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. My little patch of peace is indeed lovely…my Perfect Sunday (Morning) Afternoon in fact!

    Sunshine mornings at this time of the year also inspire a few ‘should be….’ skiing, gardening to name a few. Hard to enjoy right now when that loud incessant ‘should’ voice is dominating. So good that the ‘should be’ voice is now instantly recognisied – so much so it doesn’t show its face much. I can be with the wisdom of knowing those kinds of activities/outings are excellent, fun, joyful – without the exactness pressure to have to being ‘doing’ all the time. Feeling into my Perfect Sunday, is my Perfect Sunday.

    Enjoy your Perfect Sunday Sara!!

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  6. My favorite answer was to the question “Proudest Moment?” It’s difficult to maintain a home practice but so worth it. Recommendations on books are stellar! I’m creating a list for fall…. when I get much of my reading done. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Happy reading Leslie!
      Creating my home practice was indeed life changing and continues to be so, although it is far from a done deal. I still cycle into and away from my ideal yoga practice, as I suppose we all do. I am leaning in towards it at the moment, wanting to create more time on the mat, and loving it so much when I do.


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