Something Happens

Shakti - Zeng Hao
Shakti by artist Zeng Hao

My dear friends, I read this today and had to share it with you. It is the final prayer in Tosha Silver’s book, Outrageous Openness, and no matter how many times I read it, it always seems so perfect and appropriate, so calming and reassuring.

For you today, and all days:


Something happens after you align with the Divine for a while.

You begin to feel on a cellular level
that things are unfolding exactly
in the way that they should.
At the rate and timing they need.

You start to trust the process.

You relax from the endless pushing
that most of us learned at birth.

On some fundamental, mysterious level,
you just let go.

Not with that bitterness people feel
when they fear the (ego’s) dreams won’t occur.
Not with passivity
as right actions DO get shown.

Rather you relax into this calm curiosity
about where the flow might go.
You’re detached yet somehow riveted
by how the story will unfold.

You feel spaciously receptive
and open to what wishes to come.

You give it all room to blossom.

You trust the Highest,
one way or another,
eventually will unfold.

You know that with God as your Source
you needn’t cling to any one plan
And you’re not clutching a list of desires,
pushing the ego’s agenda even more.

When you’re in cycles of quiet and waiting,
you catch your breath,
knowing the wheel again will turn.

You rest because as the right actions
get revealed
a LOT will arise to be done.

You wait for the signs and the timing
rather than rip open the cocoon.

You trust that delays might be welcome.
You trust that delays can be good.
You trust that delays are all perfect.

And you stay present
just to witness

your own birth


  1. Hello Sara,

    This post is so beautiful and you are right about not getting tired of reading this message again and again 🙂

    The art is so beautiful!

    I have reblogged the post and shared it on the social media 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    LOve and light ❤


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    • Oh, me neither 😊. This is as much a reminder for me as it is anything.
      You just named my favourite lines as well! I liked those one too:
      You trust that delays might be welcome.
      You trust that delays can be good.
      You trust that delays are all perfect.

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  2. ditto :). I used to wonder whether the correct way was to let things proceed as is or strive and actively try, list your choices, your wishes and drive towards them.
    If the first, why have we been given freewill? If the second, are you automatically cancelling the possibility of something better? Your poem and a conversation with another person, is making me think that perhaps its a combination of both. Getting the right balance though, specially for lazy bones like me, is tricky 😀 🙂

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    • Yes, it is a complete conundrum. Tosha says that it’s perfectly natural to have desires – it’s part of being human – but to pursue those desires compulsively, from the will of the small self, can cause problems (I can give many examples from my life lol). The idea is to offer those desires to Source, tone them down to preferences and release attachment to the outcome ie. If it happens I would be happy, if it doesn’t happen I will be happy too. Pay attention to the messages from the Universe and make actions when directed. Practice above process 1000 times 🙂

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  3. Every time Sara! Your words and offerings are always a reminder of our interconnections… and that our experiences, however they may vary, all crossover and share a source. Thank you thank you thank you for passing this gem along. Saving in my quote journal to come back to again and again.

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  4. Thank you, Tosha Silver’s prayer feels very real to me and articulates beautifully an observation I made to the G.O. last weekend… that our perceived delays in the progress of moving from city to country served us well and the details now falling into place are timely reassurance that this is the right time for the next steps, and the possibilities thereafter will come to us in their own right time and way as well. It is a somehwat like witnessing a birth. Good analogy.

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    • Yes, exactly! Being a somewhat impatient and headstrong person, I say ‘all delay is divine’ like a mantra, and I find it makes me much calmer.and for such a big life change like what you guys are doing, there’s much for the Universe to organise!


  5. This is so beautiful and something I’ve been experiencing in small, tentative ways lately. It has so much to do with trust and with taking a much higher perspective – considering the long game, so to speak, and not just the in-the-moment crisis du jour. It is hard for me – being totally Type-A – to relax into this kind of surrender, but I find the more I do it, the more amazing it feels. It’s like the fabric of reality stretches to accommodate my new sense of reality as I want it to be, not how I assume it has to be.

    Thanks for this. Really lovely, and so encouraging to read something that lets me know it’s not my imagination creating these new experiences … or, that maybe it is, but in a good and totally sustainable way. 😉


    • Gosh I’ve missed you Jamie! I totally get it – I’m not sure that I’m a type A, but I am very impatient and headstrong, with a tendency to force things along (ripping open the cocoon with my teeth, shaking the butterfly out and wondering why it doesn’t fly…). It’s very stressful to be under the illusion that everything happens through sheer force of will and effort. The other thing is, that what I imagine for myself is paltry compared to what the Universe imagines for me…relaxing into the flow, acting when necessary and letting things unroll when necessary, has been a literal God-send. I’m so glad you are having this experience in your life too.

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    • “ripping open the cocoon with my teeth, shaking the butterfly out and wondering why it doesn’t fly…”
      Holy crap, woman. That’s an image that makes me stop and pause. Powerful.

      Sometimes I find that part of what’s scary, for me, about letting go a little – not pushing so hard … trusting that things will flow in a good way – is that I worry about slowing down too much and about falling into a kind of trance where I become apathetic – just letting things happen to me instead of making things happen. It’s a delicate balance, to be sure. There’s lots of give and take and all that one-step-forward-two-steps-back stuff. I suppose it’s like dancing. 🙂


      PS – I’ve missed you, too!!!


      • I hear you – we think it’s all our effort, that if we stop pedalling it will all fall apart, or at least into the dreaded sloth and torpor. I practiced with letting little things go, letting them unroll and watching what happened.things like when I was running late, or was facing unavoidable delays. Instead of fretting, I would say to myself that all delay is divine, that I knew I couldn’t change what was happening and then just let go. I found time after time that the timing was perfect! That gave me faith to practice with the bigger things…
        As for my absence, I am not sure what to do with my blogging, as I just don’t have time to do what I was doing before, but I haven’t figured out the next thing…will visit soon tho!


  6. Sara, I like this so much. When I was a young wife and mother, I used to think that everything depended on my effort, and I thought of an image of my life as my being in a room with a big wind machine, and my job was to hold everything in place. As I got older, I learned to let go and just appreciate the way things unfolded. I’m not yet at the place described in the poem, but it’s a wonderful reminder.

    A blogger I admire commented this week on an old post on my mostly neglected blog, and I answered his comment, saying I would use it as a nudge to add to my blog again. To that end, I am reblogging your post.

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    • Diana, I feel as though I need to read this poem every day! As a person who has habitually attempted to control everything around me (without much success I must say), this is a constant process of remembering and re-remembering. Right now I am practicing viewing with the unknown with curiosity rather than fear, a rather radical departure for me.
      Thank you for re-starting your blog with a re-blog of something from me. I haven’t been blogging much either…and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I miss my blogging friends, for sure, that bit I know.
      Merry Christmas Diane and give my love to David please!


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