Be careful what you wish for…


So, in these fast manifesting times that we find ourselves in, we should be most careful what we wish for, because our will may be done in the most unexpected of ways, my friends. I say this, because it has happened to me this year already, and we are only on day 6 :).

It is like this: a month or so ago, I was talking to a friend about the kinds of changes we wanted to make in our lives in 2016. Something that was coming up for both of us was a need to play around with and change what we eat. I was carrying a bit of weight, and I knew I had become a bit stuck and a bit lazy with my food choices and preparation. The thing is, my friends, I am a triple Taurean; I love food and cannot stand prescriptive or restrictive diets, called by any name at all, so I was having a little bit of trouble with how I was going to do it.

So, an idea I had was to introduce a new food or recipe into my life each week, which would hopefully counteract the somewhat disturbing trend I had developed of walking into the supermarket, buying the same 10 fruit and vegetables, and walking out again. Do you do that too? Just end up buying the same old things over and over again because you can’t be arsed thinking of something new to cook? Coincidentally (or not) I was also editing a friend’s ebook on her experience with the Paleo diet, and was totally inspired by the recipe section…

Two weeks later two teeth broke just before Christmas, which effectively meant that for two weeks, I couldn’t chew anything. In particular, no bread or meat, which coincidentally were the very foods that I wanted to cut down on in 2016. Fancy. And, because my mouth felt like it belonged to someone else and was generating a hell of a lot of anxiety for me, I had no desire to put anything in it unless I was hungry or thirsty. This included alcohol. So picture me, in the Christmas/New Year period, with at least one, often two social occasions per day, all centered around food and alcohol – not able to participate. It was like sending an alcoholic to the pub and telling him he can’t drink.

Weirdly, although I felt uncomfortable and often wretched, it wasn’t because I couldn’t have food, it was because my mouth felt unrecognisable to me, and I couldn’t get my problem resolved because there were no dentists open. For once, I just had to sit with my problem and stay with my anxiety with absolutely no action open to me. This is very difficult for me to do.

What was going right, I realised after a few days, was that my body was feeling good. Really good. I was losing weight, I wasn’t bloated, and I felt free from food. I ate when I was hungry, I drank when I was thirsty, and that was it. Through necessity, I was eating very simply: scrambled eggs with feta and tomato for breakfast, potato salad, avocado and tuna for lunch and a soup for dinner. It tasted great and I was craving nothing.

So. At the beginning of this week I finally got into see the dentist *cue the hallelujah chorus*. One tooth had already been pulled out two days before Christmas, and I was beyond terrified that this one would be as well. To my intense and indescribable relief, the tooth was able to be repaired *cue the hallelujah chorus*. Tempted as I was to tackle the dentist to the ground and cover him with kisses, I restrained myself :).

So, now, I can technically eat anything I want. Except, I don’t really want to eat the stuff I was eating before my tooth catastrophe. I still only want to eat when I am hungry and drink when I am thirsty. I know. Radical, huh? I had a bit of turkish bread yesterday with breakfast, and I just didn’t enjoy it. So this morning I made up some potato, zucchini and carrot hash browns and had them with baked beans and a fried egg. So good. Lunch is a smoothie, and tonight will be a minestrone so I can use up that ham bone from Christmas. I don’t even want cakes, biscuits or chocolate. WTF?

I’ve also had a good idea: with every new food that I try each week, I will write about my experiences with it, right here. I’ll tell you a bit about it, why I chose it, what it was like to cook with and then I’ll share a recipe or two. What do you think?

Coming up with 52 new foods or recipes may become challenging after a while, so any suggestions welcome :).

First up: coconut oil



  1. Wow.. first so pleased you got a tooth repaired, and yes I think sometimes what we think is manifesting ever faster before our eyes Sara.. I hope despite the tooth problem you and yours enjoyed Christmas..
    Sending you Lots of well wishes in your new eating regime.. 🙂 I found cutting out bread made me less bloated.. and I have been making lots of home made soups recently.. 🙂
    Wishing you a Very Happy Healthy and Prosperous Joyous 2016 and beyond Sara.. Love and Blessings Sue xxx ❤

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    • Hullo Sue, lovely to see you here, and thank you for your thoughtful comment 💜 I saw most of my favourite people, had some great experiences and had a lovely time exchanging gifts, so I did have a good Christmas…just with a background of anxiety.
      Yes, that old wheat…it is a tricky one to digest!
      Happy new year Sue xo


  2. I had a similar wish and developed an intolerance for gluten, dairy and soy. It’s not Celiac but I don’t have the low levels of body inflation that I had had when I was eating those things. And I don’t have other symptoms – like pain – either. It can be a annoying but it also helps me out, to be healthier. So I can’t complain.

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    • Omg Georgia 🙂 that is radical too 🙂 truthfully, I don’t tolerate wheat or dairy that well either…but that wasn’t enough to stop me eating it. Tsk.


    • Thank you Raphaela – better than this time last year when I’d had the good idea of making my own choc orange cream liqueur…and had to spend a month detoxing lol :). Ah, lessons!


  3. Good on you for making an opportunity of your dental dramas, at a festive time of the year when many over-indulge to their later regret. It’s good to look at our habits and choices from time to time. In my old work life I lacked exercise, but moving changed that so I’m a couple of kilos lighter, and fitter. Plus I realised we live in a ‘stretch & squat house’ – everything is stored u high or down low. And moving from a 1 bedroom apartment to a proper house & yard has increased my daily steps.
    I use coconut oil but limited to stir frys & occasional shallow frying mainly for the flavour plus on my lips, hair & skin. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. My go to oil is local macadamia.

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    • Yes, sometimes a change of place can bring about a change of habits too…especially as big a change as what you’ve created! Although…I found I got less exercise living out here than in the city because I drive everywhere…
      Yes, I’ve been exploring actually using coconut oil as a food rather than as a cooking oil, because it’s health properties are so remarkable. Mac oil is a great choice to cook with – nut oils are so much more stable than seed oils, and of course, there’s so much of it here.


  4. I KNOW I should do the same thing… I know that so many foods trigger my autoimmune things, but I’m so stuck in patterns! Good for you, Sara, however you got there (wish it didn’t involve broken teeth). In the meantime, if you’re starting with coconut oil, have you tried oil “pulling?” You put coconut oil in your mouth and pull it through your teeth, swishing it in your mouth, for 20-30 minutes. I know, it sounds like a long time, but I do it while I check email, and read blogs. It’s amazing for your gums and tooth health; great for whitening teeth; good for inflammatory issues, and tons of other things. It’s been used in Ayurvedic for a long time. I’m always happy, when I remember to do it… that and “golden tea.” Such a rabbit hole, this health stuff. 😉

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    • Lol, I am literally pulling oil as I read this comment :). I believe that if you only do one thing for your health than oil pulling would be a good thing to choose. I have been oil pulling for a year or so, but not every day, and not as soon as I wake up. Now I am 🙂
      Isn’t it weird how we know what is good for us and what isn’t – and we choose the latter, unless we are forced to? Bizarre 🙃 thanks for popping by Dawn, I really appreciate it.

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  5. A very interesting journey you’ve been on my friend and fellow Taurean. I have a very difficult time with food because I just like it so much. Though I had a big Paleo sort of revamp two years ago. Lost no weight but am not carrying much excess so that was okay, but I sure have been healthier, and my diet wasn’t horrible before. About six weeks ago I completely went off the taste of chocolate. Go figure. Happened once before years ago. Well, very best of energies to you and don’t tackle the dentist! xxx


    • It has been (and still is) an interesting journey for sure. It feels weird not having this kind of loving and affectionate relationship with food that I have had all my life, but I am sure it’s just a phase :). An enforced cleanse! There are definitely things I like about Paleo, but there are things I really don’t like about it too. I like their breakfast ideas…I really needed to do something different, and I am.

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  6. I know exactly what you mean about buying the same stuff at the grocery store each work. Boooooring! I’m totally in a food rut. I’d like to blame my location- particularly in the winter – for not having access to the best produce + ingredients year round… but that’s really just a dumb excuse.

    Good for you for getting underneath the broken tooth issue to uncover what it really had in store for you. It sounds like a great plan you’ve got in trying new foods and reporting back to us. I’m a huge fan of coconut oil, particularly for my face!


    • I think it happens to us all, at one time or another. Especially the cooks and the shoppers of the family.
      I have been using coconut oil for a while, but I’ve been eating a lot more of it this week, I can tell you 🙂


  7. Like everyone else commenting here, I do eat the same things all the time. There’s very little variety in my diet. I have been told that this is not good for me, but it’s just more convenient. Diana complains though that I will eat the same thing for months, then suddenly turn against it, leaving her with twenty cans of tomato soup or some such item in the cupboard.


    • Well, David, you seem in pretty good health, so perhaps the way you eat suits you! I have never liked to eat the same thing two days in a row. I change around breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time and have done so all my life. I guess that’s why when I feel uninspired and like I’m eating the same thing all the time, I feel like that’s a bad thing, when indeed, for another person, it may not be at all! Viva la difference!


    • Yes, *funny* 🙂
      Yep, I think that food ruts are things that we all find ourselves in from time to time, or at least, inspiration droughts. I hope that this series is helpful for that!

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  8. Dear Sara, I do love the starting picture and quote…Lucky for me it seems a natural tendency to desire less. I am happy on a day of sorting, tidying and emptying out. I generally empty my clothes cupboard with the turning of each season. I sorted the kids clothes cupboard today – ahh bliss! I notice a settledness as the ‘stuff’ of life is simplified. Thanks for the visual and quote: I feel gratitude, that in this world of more, my heart inclination is towards the desire less.


    • Dear Kate, I know how you feel about the simplification of ‘stuff’. I put off tasks like filing and cleaning out cupboards…but when I do them, I feel sooo much better. Like I have cleaned out MYSELF. The kids seem to accumulate so many clothes….which they grow out of at an alarming rate. As a triple taurean, my tendency is to desire more, but fortunately I have a small house, an environmental ethos and an aesthetic which is averse to clutter :). So lovely to see you here when you pop in xo


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