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The Practical Mystic is my personal blog. It is a sacred space where I share observations, insights, epiphanies and wisdom gleaned from my life. Motherhood, family, yoga, spirituality, food, health, poetry, community, poetry and art may all make an appearance here as well as anything else that makes life juicy 🙂


My name is Sara Foley and I am in a 15 year relationship with a man I call the Bear in my posts, a mother to two children, living in a rural village in coastal NSW. OMG I almost need a flowchart to track my meandering investigation into life :). Writing and reading were my first loves, music and then… Environmental Science, Massage, Nutrition, Homeopathy…and food. I love health food shops, whole food, food cooperatives, local food, farmers markets, home cooking…the real stuff, sustainably farmed, prepared properly and eaten seasonally.

When I had children I discovered the joys of community, and have helped to set up a local food group, a fortnightly growers market, a community cafe, community website and numerous community events. For some reason, people keep asking me to be secretary for their group: at the moment I am the secretary for my local school’s P&C and the Nambucca Valley Writer’s Group.

In the last three years, I have been exploring my capacity as writer – as well as this blog, I have had articles published in The Elephant Journal  (and this one too) and the Yoga Lunchbox (and this one too!), a story published in my writers group 25 year anthology, as well as winning first prize in a poetry competition and second prize in a non-fiction category. I am dedicated to my own spiritual development, and have used my writing to explore my experiences with yoga, meditation and ritual.

I work as a teacher’s aide in a tiny country school, as well as looking after the school website and helping out with the newsletter. I have just begun my first degree with the University of New England – a Bachelor of Media and Communications majoring in Writing and Publishing. Exciting!


I started this little blog in 2012, a little over two years ago. Before that moment, the only blogs I ever read were via specific Google searches. I had vaguely heard of blogging, bloggers and the blogosphere, but I had no clue as to the scope and depth of this world. I remember a moment when I had just started: the blogging ocean stretched out before me, vanishing into the horizon in every direction, vast and unfathomable. This whole world existed without me even knowing – holy shit, what other worlds are out there????


Well, now this is a good question. Why do I blog? Why do I write? The first answer to this question is the most fundamental: I write because if I don’t I am only half living. In the act of writing, I gain insight, understanding and perspective into my true self, life, love and the Universe. Writing puts my thoughts in order, and allows access to my feelings which sometimes seem incomprehensible to me. The second answer: Blogging is a wonderful community and I love community. I adore the feeling of hanging out with like-minded people, supporting and encouraging each other. The third answer? I love to share the things I’ve experienced and learned in the hope that other people will gain inspiration and insight into their own life. You know?


Other places you can find me are:





And of course, here at my little writerly haven 🙂





  1. Wow, your blog is amazing!

    Reading the above is so weird as we have so much in common…. Taurus….. returning back to the pace you were raised…..thinking you were never going back to the pace you were raised!

    …. and my four your old daughter sounds just like your four year old daughter!

    Love your blog Sara.



  2. Not only is your blog interesting to read, it is also very pretty. I love the colors and pictures. Your children are adorable, your lifestyle is admirable because you have chosen it consciously, and I completely agree with your philosophy! Life IS best when shared. I am honored that you have listed my blog as one of your favorites! I am going to start posting again too!!


  3. […] Sara Foley at Smells Good Feels Good is an inspiration to me in many ways.  I love the beautiful poetry and pictures that she often posts.  When Sara started a home-based yoga practice based on a soon-to-be released e-book by Kara-Leah Grant, I was inspired to start as well!  Sara blogged about her 40-day journey almost daily, and keeping up with her experience was a joy to read.  It was interesting too, because Sara is in Australia and I am in NY, so when she was getting up, I was going to bed, and vice versa.  Sara blogs about her family, life in Australia, and the spice of life that she is cooking in her home, in her heart and in her soul. […]


    • Hey, thanks so much 🙂 It has to be one of my favourite things about blogging, the people I meet (other than writing of course, man, I love that!) 🙂


  4. How do I begin to – Thank You – for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing?!? I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.


  5. Greetings! I just hopped over here from Dawn Landau’s, Tales From The Motherland, and I’m so glad I did. A few of the reasons why you blog completely resonate with me. “Writing puts my thoughts in order, and allows access to my feelings which sometimes seem incomprehensible to me.” I think of blogging as a way to deal with and to get my “stuff” out. ” I love to share the things I’ve experienced and learned in the hope that other people will gain inspiration and insight into their own life.” Absolutely!

    I used to be a merchant mariner, working on merchant ships (ship’s navigator), and then came ashore to have a family. Apparently the universe had big plans for me because since my (very special and amazing) son came into my life I experienced a spiritual awakening shortly after becoming Reiki attuned. I’ve been on a spiritual and healing path for about the past 4 years, and it’s been a-ma-zing! (Just experienced my very first Shamanic soul retrieval ceremony today).

    Lovely to have discovered you, and I look forward to reading more. -Susan

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    • Wow Susan, what an amazing journey! Were you frightened? Sometimes these unexpected awakenings can be terrifying in their intensity. I’ll pop over and check out your blog – I’m intrigued!


      • Actually I wasn’t frightened. It opened me up and made me curious to know everything, at once. I had a headache for about 2 days when it first happened. Basically, I had a psychic reading that was much more than a reading. It broke me open and woke me up. The woman who was reading me I have since learned was a sister to me in several lifetimes. Subsequently, she’s been a teacher/ sister/ friend. What’s cool is that now, as I do healing work on myself, it often helps her as well. I have blogged about some of the more amazing experiences I’ve had using hypnotherapy, such as receiving healing from an angel. That was so cool.

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  6. I really liked your comment on Jamie’s blog and I skipped over here to your blog and voila! I’m glad that I did. What a great blog. I look forward to your posts. Much of what you have to say, resonates so well with my own feelings and beliefs!


    • Oh, how wonderful – another kindred spirit. I really love Jamie’s writing, and over the years that I have been following her, I have discovered that she is a beautiful person as well, so any friend of hers is a friend of mine :). I am glad that you like what you see over here, and I look forward to getting to know you better as well.

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